What Are Important Preventatives For Diseases?
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What Are Important Preventatives For Diseases?

Published at 02/19/2012 22:03:55


What Are Important Preventatives For Diseases?

We are all aware that disease is an abnormal condition affecting the body of an organism. It may be caused by external factors, such as infections or internal dysfunctions. Disease is more referred to as any condition that causes pain, dysfunction, social problems and distress.

Humans have been struggling and battling with different kinds of diseases for thousands of years. Diseases and illnesses have been more remarkable when people began living in crowded areas. As cities and population grew so did the diversity of diseases along with the attempts of preventing them. People have started to take steps to preventatives the spread of disease and promote healthy communities.

Important Preventions for Diseases

What Are Important Preventatives For Diseases?

There are a number of diseases that one may acquire. Because of its diversity its preventive measures are also diverse. There are different types of disease prevention depending on the particulars of each disease.
One of the most important preventatives for diseases is Disease Prevention.

It is known as a branch of medicine that focuses on the preventatives of disease for both individuals and communities. The term is commonly applied to human health and its principles also apply to animal and animal species.

For individuals, disease preventatives can include promoting general wellness, use of vaccination and medications and identifying risk factors. In communities, disease prevention is typically focused on providing clean living conditions and promoting education so that people understand the cause and effect of a disease. Disease prevention works in so many ways but the main focus is to simply live a healthier life through healthy diet and exercise.

Levels of Disease Prevention

What Are Important Preventatives For Diseases?

Disease prevention has three levels these are: primary, secondary and tertiary.

Primary prevention refers to the prevention of the disease before it affects the body and mind of an individual. Primary prevention includes maintaining physical exercise, eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water to nourish the body, keeping a clean environment, regular visit to your physician and good hygiene.

Secondary Prevention refers to the prevention of clinical illness through early detection and remedying of a certain disease and conditions that, if left unnoticed would likely to become harmful. Secondary prevention is commonly known as screening. Secondary disease prevention may include screening for early types of cancers using mammography, sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy.

Tertiary prevention refers to the preventatives of the progression of a certain disease and additional disease that may complicate the primary illness. For instance, treating high blood pressure after an attack may decrease the risk of another stroke.

Other Important Preventatives for Disease

Another perspective of disease prevention is to consider preventatives interventions. Some of the most important disease prevention is an environmental sanitation. This includes good sanitary services, safe and clean food and water supply, environment free of disease causing microorganisms and pollutants.

There are also basic disease preventions that an individual can do. Some obvious examples are maintaining appropriate weight, stop smoking, don’t use addictive substances, and avoid exposures that may lead to contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Eating healthy foods and maintaining health diet plus regular visit to the doctor for check-ups are also some of the basic preventatives for diseases.


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