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How To Identify A Fungus Disease


These days fungus disease is not as common as it used to be in the past. The main reason is that now people are more aware and more particular about cleanliness. Although they are not common, they are still present.

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The main protozoan which causes fungus disease is known as histoplasma capsulatin. The first case concerning fungus disease occurred in the 1920s in America. Experimentation on these diseases started in 1945 and that was also when men went for their military medical exam and were diagnosed with these diseases. Today, in this era of technology and science, cases of this fungus disease are very rare but the ones which appear are quite severe.

Step 2

The symptoms of these fungus disease is clean cut and through them the diseases can be identified. This kind of infection generally affects the skin and nails area. The skin gets itchy and develops scale like marks. Nails get thick and brittle. Ugly white marks appear around the lips and sometimes in the mouth. The immune system slows down because of the different protozoans ejected in these diseases. Constant headaches, muscle aches, fever, allergies, rashes, itching in the genital areas, shivering, and increased rate of heartbeat indicate towards the fungus disease

Step 3

Doctors after observing these symptoms run certain tests to verify the kind of fungal infection. Usually a sample of hair, nail or skin is taken to carry out the tests. In case of severe infections, blood tests or urine tests are prescribed. Other tests include susceptibility test, antibody testing, antigen testing and DNA molecular test. In these tests a sample of that fungus is scrapped, so that the right and appropriate treatment can be assigned to the patient. The results usually take time, about two to three weeks. The fungus disease is more dangerous and difficult to treat than the usual bacterial or viral diseases. 

Step 4

If fungus disease is not treated in time, they can also affect the nervous system and can be fatal. Different researches have also proven that people who are in more contact with animals, especially dogs, have more chances to get these diseases.

Step 5

Therefore, doctors recommend that people do not bring pets inside the house, but if they do, they should avoid sleeping with them at night.


So, in order to prevent these diseases, one should act upon the above instructions and should be very careful about his/her hygiene. These diseases are disfiguring and extremely painful. You should always be careful when swimming in a public pool if you have sensitive skin. Undergarments should be changed everyday because they are also one of the main sources of fungus diseases. The areas most sensitive to these diseases are feet, nails, hair, lips, and the area behind the ears. Sometimes, these diseases occur internally and one does not even know until his or her health starts to decline. Therefore, blood tests should be revised after every two months. These precautions are extremely necessary because you will be only able to enjoy your life to the fullest if you are fit and healthy.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/16/2012
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