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Most Common Diseases Of the Eyes


Diseases of the eyes are common problems. Diseases of the eyes are temporary and some are permanent. Short lived or long-term, complicated problems are also common in diseases of the eyes. The eye is a vital organ; a way to see the world. Blindness is an important disabling problem of modern world. Systemic disease can also lead to various long term complicated diseases of the eyes. In following paragraphs you will be explained about the most common diseases of the eyes. And all concerned queries will be satisfied through general public approach of medical problems. Reading this article will help you understand diseases of the eyes as it accommodates the long studied disease by health professionals in a way that is helpful for the concerned people.


Refractive error diseases of the eyes: Among the eye problems that are common in our settings, refraction and its problems are very common. Every 6th person is known to have refractive error. It can be myopia in which person cannot see distant objects clearly but has a good near vision. Far sightedness causes one to get spectacles, for near work like reading and needle work etc. Presbyopia is an old age problem causing loss of near vision. These diseases of the eyes are corrected by lens in spectacles, contact lens and very occasionally surgery and lasers.


Cataract diseases of the eyes: Age, trauma, congenital infections and lens opacity are the reason of cataract formation in humans. In diseases of the eyes the cataract formation and its surgery hold a strong percentage; many people are having this problem in our modern era. The recent treatment with phacoemulsification technique is a huge medical success. Patient feel halo, day time vision loss gradually. The pupil appears white when examined by torch or a slit lamp.

Glaucomatous diseases of the eyes: More dangerous to eye than cataract, causing loss of vision peripherally with ocular pain is a disease with raised intraocular pressure and loss of vision with optical disc changes. There are two main types: open angle and closed angle. Treatment: Using drops to control pressure, alternating the flow of fluid inside the eye. In advanced cases, laser surgery is done or stents are placed.

Retinopathy diseases of the eyes: Most commonly occurring as a result of systemic diseases and age related issue changes in retinal layer of eyes are retinopathy diseases of the eyes. Retinopathy leads to loss of vision suddenly which may be permanent. Supportive treatment may help if one seeks on emergency bases.

Squinting diseases of the eyes: Strabismus or squint is a common problem and widely treated around the world. It causes deviation of eyes while watching some direction of gaze or in all gazes. It can be treated by surgery or spectacles depending upon the diagnoses done clinically.

Infectious diseases of the eyes: Infections may occur in any part of eye, eye lids, conjunctiva or cornea are most commonly involved. It can be viral, bacterial or fungal too. Depending on signs and diagnoses treatment is given and cases resolved. Allergy is also common. STDs associated problems are also among the diseases of the eyes.

Most diseases of the eyes are preventable. Good hygienic habits and regular checkups are the keys to prevention.

By Ali Javed, published at 02/16/2012
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