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the Best Video Game Universities For Visual Design


Many people today are looking for video game universities. The massive popularity of video games has led to many colleges and universities catering to these students desires and creating degree programs just for them. There are even some schools that have become almost exclusively video game universities themselves. Some of these schools turn out some of the best visual design students who go on to work on the sets of animated movies or work in the video game industry. There are many schools to choose from but below are just a few that have made top marks in as as video game universities.

Platt College in San Diego, CA

Platt College in San Diego is a great video game universities where students have been shown to have success after they graduate. In 1879, the first Platt college was founded in St. Joseph Missouri. Back then this was probably not a video game universities since the advent of the video game as we know it was still around 100 years away. In 1980 the San Diego branch of the school was opened and in 1988, shortly after breaking off from the Missouri school, and began offering classes in graphic design. This was just the beginning to a long history that leads to today where Platt College is one of the most respected video game universities in the country.

Platt College has shown itself to be a leading video game universities by the testimonials that the students give when they leave the school and get into their respective fields. A search of the school website will reveal that they have students who have gone on to work for companies such as Disney and other students who have made games such as "God of War" or worked on the movie "Avatar." This list of graduate records shows that Platt College is a great school to go to if you are looking to succeed in the animation industry.

Collins College in Phoenix, AZ

Collins College in Phoenix, Arizona is also a great video game university and it has a very impressive program for those seeking to get into the visual design field. Collins College offer a bachelor's degree in art for graphic design. Collins College is not a top video game universities for no reason as exampled by the award it received in 2007 for having some of the best student services. Here a hands-on approach is used to give the student all the training they need to be successful in the animation field. Cost and scholarships is also another reason that Collins is a great video game universities. Collins awards over $100,000 in scholarships every year to its students and that is great for those needing help paying for college.


There are hundreds of video game universities for students to choose from. The demand has made it almost impossible to not find a college near where you live. If you truly desire to get a degree in visual design then it is made all the more possible with the growing trend of animation. There are even some schools that now offer their classes online so that even if you do live off the beaten path you can still make this dream a reality. Staying focused and knowing what you want is key and you can make this dream a reality.

By Michael Banks, published at 02/19/2012
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the Best Video Game Universities For Visual Design. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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