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Vermont is one of the American states placed in the northeastern part of the country. Although it is a little bit smaller than the rest of the states on the American continent, Vermont is highlighted by its beautiful landscapes and visited touristic resort. Furthermore, there are in Vermont some specific features for America: amazing buildings, a lot of opportunities and well-known universities. Out of the largest cities that can be founded in Vermont there are to be mentioned Burlington, Essex, South Burlington, Colchester or Bennington. These cities are also important educational centers and here are placed some of the main Vermont College Universities. In this moment, there are about 23 colleges universities in this American state each having its specific features.

Vermont College universities classification

In Vermont, the college universities are classified as fallow: six master colleges universities, one research college university, a culinary school, an art school, a law school and some undergraduate and baccalaureate schools. Furthermore, there are also two Christian schools placed in Rutland and Colchester. Vermont colleges universities are both private and public institutions, all being accredited by the institution of New England Association of Schools and



Research and master college universities

The master and research Vermont colleges universities offer great academic programs and interesting extra-curricular activities. Students come to study here in order to enjoy their university years, to get a good education but also an accredited degree. The only research university in Vermont is called The University of Vermont. It is the most important one among the Vermont colleges universities. It is a public university and thousands of students choose its programs annually, having a lot of prestige and good reputation. It is located in Burlington, the biggest city of Vermont, and its abbreviation is UVM. It has programs for many fields, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Medical Sciences or Agriculture. Some of the major Master universities that are to be mentioned among Vermont College universities are: Norwich University, Goddard colleges or SIT Graduate Institute. The first one, Norwich University, is placed in Northfield and it is one of the private Vermont colleges universities. To continue, Goddard college and SIT Graduate Institute are both private colleges universities, placed in Plainfield and Brattleboro. All this research and master colleges universities offer great opportunities to students from all over the world.

Baccalaureate Colleges and other schools

Beside of having numerous well-known college universities, Vermont can be also proud of having some important Baccalaureate colleges and schools of law, culinary sciences and arts. There are numerous Baccalaureate Colleges in Vermont all being private institutions. Some of the most important ones are Bennington College in Bennington, Burlington and Champlain Colleges in Burlington, Castleton State College in Castleton, Marlboro College placed in Marlboro or Sterling College placed in Craftsbury Common. All these schools have dedicated teachers, who do their best to help students grow their intellectual and spiritual knowledge. Furthermore, the career programs are from a variety of fields; in their free time, students can choose one of the extra-curricular activities offered by the student organizations, in order to get a lot of fun and good mood.

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