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No one can argue that an education is key to surviving this world. How does one get an education beyond the normal primary schooling? A person interested in gaining more knowledge so that they can make a higher income needs to check into universities and college. This will allow for specialized degrees. In order to be in a professional position, a degree is usually needed.

The first benefit of universities and college is the most noteworthy. Without a degree in medicine we would not have doctors. Without a specialized degree, which can only be obtained from universities and college, we would not have the professionals that we turn to in times of need or when a specialization that we do not understand has presented itself. Furthering one's education in universities and college, exposes individuals to an education no otherwise available. The world needs many different types of people with many different skill sets. Universities and college provide us with this very thing.

Universities and college allow a young person, who is unsure of what he or she wants to be, a chance to explore his or her options. When leaving high school, young adults may not know what they want to be as a profession. Going to universities and college allows for liberal art class and other exploratory sessions. Instead of having to know exactly what to go into, a young adult can take an array of classes and then choose from there on what he or she wants to do with the rest of his or her life. If education is done this way, then there is also a chance of forming life-long friendships. People with like minds tend to congregate together. Forming friendly relationships will help with future goals when trying to obtain a professional job. There are also clubs, sororities, fraternities, and sports that a person would miss out on if he or she chooses not to attend universities and college.

If a person attends universities and college, he or she will gain independence from their mothers and fathers. This time teaches a young person to be independent from their families. It allows them choices in so far as career, how many classes, which minor, which club to join and more. Although most young adults still have the backing of their families, they are afforded more opportunities to explore their individuality. Gaining independence is a big step for most people. Some can not cope with it. That is why universities and college have checks and balances. You get to make the choices but you have consequences to those choices. This makes people think long and hard before he or she makes anything permanent. Universities and college have a lot of advantages. The most important being the education that you receive. This education not only allows you to pursue your interests, but it also allows you to gain employment in higher paid fields of work. Independence come with education and money obtained from these institutions. Exploring ones options and researching different avenues of education are another aspect that universities and college allow a student. There is nothing more empowering than an education that you can be proud of.

By Elizabeth Zeigler, published at 02/24/2012
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