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List Of the Best Universities United States


There are many good universities which offer graduate degrees in various fields such as liberal arts, business, law and engineering. Some of these universities have made it to the top list of the best universities in America because they have the reputation and resources to make them rank high among the best in the nation.

Top Universities

Some of the best universities United States include:

Brown University: Its considered as one of the most liberal among the Ivy league schools due to its open curriculum with students able to craft their own plan of study. The school boasts of an undergraduate focus unlike the other top ranked universities. Brown is located in the capitol of Rhode island, Providence with Boston being only a short drive away.

Columbia: Any one who needs Ivy League education in urban settings can greatly benefit from considering Columbia. This is among the best universities United States located in upper Manhattan area right in the middle of New York City. Columbia has an extensive graduate program and boasts of about 25,000 students with roughly two thirds of them being graduates students.

Cornell: Its excellent faculty and facilities makes it one of the best universities united states. Cornell is located in very beautiful surroundings in Finger Lakes region of Central New York. The campus overlooks Lake Cayuga. Cornell is one of the unique universities united states due to its agricultural program which is part of the school program.

Dartmouth: Its one of the smallest among the best universities united states in the Ivy League schools. Dartmouth offers a wide curriculum with a bias towards liberal arts. Its picturesque campus is located in Hanover, Hampshire which is a town of about 11,000 inhabitants.

Duke: It's located in Durham, North Carolina and is one of the most prestigious universities United States in the south. Duke is part of the research schools with UNC Chapel Hill and North Carolina state university in Raleigh. The area has some of the highest concentration of PhDs and MDs in the world.

Harvard: Its one of the universities United States ranked 1st or 2nd in the U.S. with an endowment of about $35 billion. It's one of the universities with the greatest financial resources in the world at its disposal. As a result of the financial resources at its disposal it has world class faculty, state of the art facilities and free tuition for students who have modest income. This Ivy league schools is quite close to hundreds of colleges students who reside in Boston area.

Princeton: The College vies for top spot with Harvard on national rankings of best universities unitedstates. Its located in a town of about 30,000 people and is established on a 500- acre campus. It's within commuting distance of New York City and Philadelphia.

Stanford: The College is considered as one of the best universities united states in the West coast. Stanford is also one of the best in research and teaching colleges in the world. It's as competitive as any of the universities United States in the Northeast. It has distinct Spanish architectural design and mild California that makes it quite unique.

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