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China has emerged as one of the most progressive countries in the world. China's economy is regarded as the fastest rising in the world. Presently, China is the world's biggest exporter while ranking second in the area of imported goods. 

Presently, China has more 2,000 universities in the country. Among these universities, the government has selected 100 national key universities, which was decided according to the standard of quality that the school is offering. These universities are considered the top universities in their nation.

The Ministry of Education of China is putting a special focus on the countrys graduate school programs. Different courses and programs are available for people who want to pursue graduate studies. The schools are offering a very high quality standard of the most in demand courses in the country. To those who are planning of enrolling in graduate schools, it is in the best interest that they have knowledge as to what universities have the best programs in their field of interest. So among all the universities that have graduate programs, here are some of the best universities for graduate students in China.

As all schools are unique, universities also excel in different fields and courses. In the field of social sciences, Peking University offers the best graduate studies program. It is ranked number one in courses in philosophy, politics, foreign language and literature, history, mathematics, chemistry, geography, biology, and in public health and preventative medicine.

Renmin University is another school that specializes in social sciences. It offers the best graduate studies in courses of theoretical economics, applied economics, law, sociology, marxism theory and journalism.

If you are interested in courses focusing on the technical field, Tsinghua Universtity is the school for you. It is the best ranked school in courses of electrical engineering, electronic science and engineering, information and communication engineering, control science, computer science, architecture, arts, mechanics, nuclear science and technology, environmental science and engineering, material science and engineering and in business administration.

Beijing Normal University has the best graduate program for courses in education, psychology, and chinese language and literature while also excelling in courses of history, and geography. To those interested to taking up graduate studies in weaponry science and technology the best universities to go to are Beijing college of Technology, Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Northwestern Polytechnic University.

For Civil Engineering graduate studies, the best schools are Tongji University, Tsinghua University and Harbin college of Technology. For those interested in the field of medicine, these are the schools for you. Shanghia Jiaotong University, Peking Universtity, and Fudan Univesity consist the top three schools in Clinical medicine. For Chinese medicine courses, the best schools to enroll are Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai University of T.CM. and Chengdu University of T.C.M. For Pharmacology courses the best schools are China Pharmaceutical University, Peking University and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University.

Tips and comments

These are the best universities for graduate students in China. The school rankings are based on the criteria of faculty profile, research performance, education quality and school reputation with research performance having the biggest share in points.

Depending on your chosen field, these universities are sure to give you the best kind of program that you need for your education.

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