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The oldest continent, Europe, has always been an attraction of tourists coming from all over the world. The cities with a great history, the friendly population or the amazing landscapes are only some of the reasons for which the European countries are some of the most visited ones in the world. Sweden is the country placed in the north of the European continent and it is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Famous for its clean cities and disciplined population, Sweden should be on one’s list of “to see in a lifetime”; furthermore, there are some well-known universities in Sweden, most of them being public ones. Thousands of students from the European continent choose the courses of these Sweden universities annually.

Why Sweden?

Sweden universities may be regarded as a good opportunity for one’s career. The students studying here get a great education, enrich their intellectual status and are intensively prepared to get a job after finishing their studies. The main focus here is on applying the theoretical knowledge into practice; usually, the students learn to work not as individuals, but with a team, developing their communicative and social skills. The country can be proud of having some universities in the top of the best universities in the entire world.

Educational system

In Sweden, unlike in other countries of the world, there is a significant difference between a college and a university. In most of the cases, students which apply to the universities courses are getting a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or a doctor’s degree, depending on what they choose. The Sweden universities offer academic programs in a variety of fields, being especially research-oriented. On the other hand, the colleges are usually oriented toward the applied sciences. Furthermore, there are some special cases of so called hogskola; those are some old institutions basically specialized in engineering and medical sciences. However, all those three types of educational institutions can be limited to the English word “University”. No matter what you choose, the educational system of Sweden universities and colleges is at a high level, the teachers are extremely dedicated and professional and the keyword is discipline.

Famous public and private universities

Some of the most known and important public Sweden universities are Stockholm University, Lund University, Linnaeus University, Umea University or the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Those universities are get financial help from the government and have a rich history. Being in the same class of public universities, the hogskol differ because one cannot get a doctor degree in any career program while studying here. On the other hand there are to be mentioned also the three private Sweden universities: Stockholm School of Economics, Chalmers University of Technology and Jonkoping University Foundation. The fees here are extremely high but the academic programs are very good and the teachers are extremely professional. Students which choose studying in one of the Sweden universities should know that the main accent is on the group work and research. In most of the cases, students have to develop different projects working with their team.

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