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Much of India’s population is illiterate. But then, India is a nation of contrasts. It is home to some of the wealthiest people on earth while it also has the biggest slums in Asia. Similarly, who would have thought that a country with such a high illiteracy rate would house some of the finest universities in the world? Universities of India receive recognition from the University Grants Commission. There are two types of universities in India – public universities and private universities. The public universities are aided by the government of India while the private universities are controlled by private individuals, organizations or societies.

In all, there are 563 universities in India. They can be classified into different categories as follows:

1. Central universities: These universities of India are established and controlled by the union Government. They fall under the direct jurisdiction of the Department of Higher Education. Central universities of India are also supported by the Union Human Resource Devlopment Ministry. These universities are among the most affordable and prestigious of all the universities of India. The number of such universities is 44. However, the University of Jammu has had a problem and thus the number has been reduced down to 43 only. There are 6 central universities in Delhi alone. The University of Delhi and the Jawaharlal Nehru University are amongst the most well known central universities of India.

2. State Universities: These universities are controlled by the state governments. In all there are 28 states in India which together house 285 state universities. The University of Mumbai, the University of Chennai and the University of Kolkata are among the oldest state universities of India. All three universities were established in the year 1857. To date, they are excellent institutions to complete your education from. They compete with some of the best universities of the world.

3. Deemed Universities: These universities are often known as ‘autonomous’ universities. They have been granted autonomy by the department of Higher Education of India. This status has been granted upon consultation with the University Grants commission of India. Students of deemed universities have displayed exceptional performance in academics as well as extracurricular activities. This is because of the fact that these universities are often stricter in their policies, rules and regulations. These universities of India are often linked to the prodigious activities of some of the best scientists, politicians and industrialists of India. The Homi Bhabha National Institute is one such example. The first organization which was granted the status of a deemed university was the Indian Institute of Science. This title was conferred upon the IIS in the year 1958. The Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research is also one of the most respected deemed universities of India.

4. Private Universities: These universities are funded by private organizations. They have recognition from the University Grants Commission of India. There are 106 private universities in India. The states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh have the highest number of private universities of India.

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The Sikkim Manipal University is a university which is part public and part state. It is termed as a State-Public university. It is among the best universities of India. It was chosen as the Second Best University by the renowned ‘Forbes’ magazine.

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