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On all accounts, the United States of America have always been a great attraction for every person on Earth: they have great buildings, significant history, evolved technology, large metropolitan areas, economical significance and prestigious universities. The last one is the reason for which America is very often in the top of statistics regarding a good education and relevant university degrees, recognized all over the world. Such prestigious universities are to be found in every state of the American continent; Philadelphia, for example, can be proud for it numerous universities and colleges. In Drexel, the main city of Philadelphia, you can find both private and public universities. However, when speaking about Drexel Universities no matter what you choose, the educational system is very good and the students coming here get great career opportunities.

The University of Drexel

Usually, the universities with a great reputation have also a rich history. The University of Drexel is definitely one of them; located in the heart of Philadelphia, the University of Drexel comes with major opportunities and interesting career programs; furthermore, it is the most important and well-known of all Drexel universities. It is a private university, dating from 1891; this is the moment when it was founded by Anthony J. Drexel, whose name it carries for hundreds of years. If one cannot afford the fees requested by the institution there is a financial aid available of any student. The only condition to get this aid from the university is to be a full-time student. Beside this, all you have to do is to be extremely ambitious and perseverant in order to study here. The students coming here are from all states of American plus 95 countries from all over the world. The university has three large libraries, which include millions of books which can be found easily, as the library system is an extremely evolved one. Another reason for what it may be regarded as the best of the Drexel universities the fact that it is extremely closed to the center of the city.

Main Career programs

Public health, arts and sciences, business, medicine, information science and technology, professional studies or nursing and health professions are only some of the fields out of which you can choose a career program. Regarding this, there are options for all tastes and budgets. The fee requested by the main of the Drexel universities is different depending on the career program you choose. There is a variety of granted degrees too; some of the essential ones are Bachelor’s degree, Post Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Post Master’s degree.

Extra Activities

The most important university among Drexel Universities has a large number of extra-activities for its students. Beside its good academic programs, there are also plenty of student organizations from a variety of fields: sport organizations, social and cultural organizations, professional and media organization. There are at least 200 such organizations and each serves for student preferences and tastes. This type of organization helps students enrich their social life and increase their knowledge and intellectual level. Furthermore, it is a tradition at Dexter University to participate to various championships and competitions with its students organizations.

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