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Situated in the north-east part of the United States of America, Connecticut is one of the first thirteen states of the country. There are a lot of cities placed in this state, each special for its own features. Either for its great landscapes, amazing buildings, large parks, friendly people or well-known universities, Connecticut should be on one’s list of “must see” in life. The universities of Connecticut are famous all over the world for it professional staff, best career programs and last but not least, large number of students studying here. As in every country, you can find in Connecticut both private and public universities. Among the most popular private universities, there are to be mentioned Sacred Heart University which is located in Fairfield, Goodwin College, in East Hartford or Connecticut College, with its location in New London. On the other hand, some of the best public universities known all over the world are Southern Connecticut State University placed in the neighborhood of New Heaven or Central Connecticut State University which is located in New Britain.

Private universities

The private part of the universities of Connecticut is formed of great educational institutions, well-known in the whole world for their professional and dedicated teachers, good academic programs and interesting scholarships. Furthermore, the students studying here are usually known for the sport activities such as football, basketball or baseball, participating to a large number of championships and competitions. The libraries of these universities are well equipped, ready to serve every student studying here. Regarding all this, the private universities of Connecticut are yearly chosen by more and more student from the United States of America. Those have high scholar fees and are some of the most expensive universities in America, but with all this are very populated by students willing to learn and achieve a great education. Nevertheless, Sacred Heart, Goodwin and Connecticut Universities are only some of the private universities in Connecticut, but all of them function under the same system: high fees supported by the students and qualitative services.

Public universities

The public universities of Connecticut are obviously older than the private ones with a richer history and reputation, having a larger number of students following their courses. Their financial support comes not from the students themselves but from the government. Of course, there are some cases of private financial sources or from the federal government, but in most of the cases the public universities of Connecticut receive funds from the state. However, the programs are of high quality, there exist great opportunities of getting a scholarship in any other state on the American continent.

Yale - the best university in Connecticut

A thing is for sure, the educational system in Connecticut is, in most of the cases, one of high quality; with all this, like in all state or country, there is a top university known all over the world. In the case of Connecticut, this university is Yale, placed in New Haven. It is a private one and is the rated to be the best university in Connecticut and one of the best universities in the world. The admission exam at Yale is very difficult, the student must apply only if they are extremely prepared and the fees are, of course, extremely high.

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