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Education is an essential for proper upbringing. It is believed to be the right of every human to receive a proper education. Education in America is divided into three levels: elementary, secondary, and college. Once students are done with secondary school, they may attend a university.


A university is any college or organization that provides academic teachings or research. It provides you with official degrees and certificates that prove your capability. According to the global ranking today the country holding the most reputable institutions is United States of America. America best universities list include a large number of highly reputable and prestigious institutions such as The Harvard University, The Stanford University, Cornell University, Princeton university, John Hopkins University to mention a few. According to survey s more then half of the names listed in the Top 100 colleges are of America best universities. It is most certainly understood that the reputation of these universities and the fame they have collected is not because of structures they provide excellence in every field and subject that they offer and to study in such a prestigious college it is essential to be capable.


America's best universities admit a large number of students. It is the dream of almost every student to be admitted into an Ivy League or an elite university. Accomplishing this is getting harder by the day due to a rapidly growing applicant pool. There are a few things that you should keep in mind if you wish to be admitted into one of the America best universities first of all, you should have a consistent history of high scholastic achievement. Secondly, besides academics America best universities highly regard extra curricular activities and do not want applicants who just lock themselves away for four years to score good grades. They look for children who are all-rounders so try to participate in extra curricular activities during school for a better chance of being admitted into one of America best universities. Besides this, you need to have self-confidence which is very important for your interviews.

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You have a wide option to get admitted into any of America best universities since the options are quite vast. All over the America there are many states that hold a reputable institution and has made it into the list of the Top Universities of today. Students migrate from foreign countries to receive higher education here for a better future. The basic key to get into an Ivy League school is hard work, self-determination and confidence. For all those students who are planning to apply to colleges soon you should always remember there is no guarantee of getting admitted and at times even the best applicants are rejected but you need to keep on struggling for a better future.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/29/2012
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