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Tips For Applying To Major Universities


Applying for admission into major universities is almost like applying for new citizenship in a new country. Some universities are, in fact, towns within towns, even carrying their own zip code or postal code. If a university is well-renowned for high-quality education, then the traffic and competition to get into the city is pretty stiff.

The administrators in charge of admissions have had to change, if not toughen the standards and quality that is expected of new applicants. For example, some have placed in increased emphasis on extra curricular and volunteer activities, on par with scoring high on standardized tests. Many use an essay composed by the prospective student, much life job seekers submit a cover letter when applying for job.

You should always defer to the admissions requirements set forth by the university. If after you have dotted every "i" and crossed every "t," you still feel like you can do more, you can follow a few tips to increase your chances of being admitted without any major hitches.

Step 1

Determine if you qualify for free applications to major universities. Many students may apply to as many as five schools. Each application for admission might cost at much as $20 on average, meaning that a household could be on the hook for $100 by the time the student submits all of his or her applications.

Many colleges will waive the application fee under certain circumstances. Mainly, if a household can prove that is low-income then they may waive the fee.


Step 2

Apply early to major universities, because the competition will only increase as the years go by. In some cases high school students apply for colleges during their sophomore year.

Also, the colleges within some universities have what's called selective admission. Again, some majors, such as nursing are in high demand, but there are fewer and fewer classroom slots. The earlier you apply and go on the waiting list, the better.

Step 3

Look up the rankings for major universities, using several sources. Many parents and students may rely on college rankings from one major news publication, such as U.S. News and World Reports. However, other news outlets rank colleges including Kiplinger. Also, find out how the university performs in reference to your specific major. For example, a university may have a world-class business college, but the liberal arts college is lacking.


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