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Benefits Of Wearing Thermal Clothing When At the North Pole

Published at 02/25/2012 20:52:23


North Pole is the northern most tip of our planet earth. Geographically speaking it’s the diametric opposite of the South Pole and is the place where all the longitudes meet at the northern most tip. Except for their extreme cold climate North and South Pole differ significantly in their topography. While South Pole is situated on the ice laden continent of Antarctica, North Pole is not situated on any land mass at all and is situated in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. The surrounding areas of North Pole are covered by permanently shifting sea ice. North Pole is surrounded by five countries Russia, Canada, Norway, Denmark and the United States. But under international law no country owns complete ownership of North Pole.


North Pole has one of the most dangerous and hostile environments known to modern man. But many people still go on expeditions and trip to the North Pole. Since it is surrounded by shifting sea ice North Pole has no permanent base. But Russia has stationed a submarine permanently in the region. It is on constant patrol around the region and passes under the North Pole sometimes. For someone who is planning on a trip to north clothing is the most important factor to choose before the trip. The Minus degree temperatures can cause Hypothermia and can freeze a person to death.


Clothing preferences for North Pole Trip
For traditional Eskimos native to arctic seas living in north clothing with heavy woolen and fur laden clothing is integral part of like. To save them self’s from the cold in north clothing like this helps them stay warm and go about their livelihood easily. They also eat a high fat diet and are naturally less affected by the cold. Travelers, tourists and explorers don’t have the same endurance as Eskimos and hence have to be more cautious during their trip.

Up until the 20th century accessing North Pole for common men was near impossible. But development in technology has made accessing North Pole much easier and nowadays adventure holiday companies even offer packages to enthusiastic people for trips to North Pole. Clients are briefed about safety precautions, instructed and trained in safety measures before taking them on the trip. These companies ensure their customers safety while traveling north clothing is specially designed Thermal Clothing gear. Thermal clothing is made up of synthetic material unlike the traditional fur and wool based coats thermal clothing has much more benefits. It absorbs very minimum body moisture, dries very quickly, has better heat retention capacity then traditional wool.

Tips and comments

While North Pole may be a very dangerous place but with human courage, perseverance and grit can overcome any difficulty or calamity. Thermal clothing allows individuals even with lesser training to handle the harsh cold weather easily. Before attempting a trip far north clothing, health, safety equipment and other parameters have to be checked thoroughly. This will ensure an adventurous and safe trip which you can boast about all your life. Currently plans are being made for commercial underwater tourism and exploitation of the North Pole.


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