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About Clothing Trends For a Teen Girl

Published at 03/02/2012 22:25:40


All girls want to be beautiful. They all want to be divas for one day. Fashion magazines, beauty salons, and fashion designing are businesses that thrive from day to day. If you are a teenager and you want to know how to buy clothing girl, read the following material. The first thing that you need to know is that comfort is the key. The most important fashion tip is to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. If you wear something uncomfortable, your image will be affected.

Try to find clothes that fit your size. Always opt for clothes that hide your flaws and that highlight the pros. If you have big breasts or big shoulders, wear shirts that do not attract attention in these areas. For example, if you have large breasts, do not wear a shirt with something written exactly on that area. Also, if you have a generous behind, do not wear jeans that emphasize it. You can find articles about fashion trends for women, men, and children everywhere. But the teenager style was debated on as many pages as the others? Certainly not. Now it is the time to read some ideas about clothing girl.

Teens are trying to be different and to invent new styles of fashion. The EMO style (Emotional) is for those who love intense color combinations. Green, pink, and yellow combined with black will make people turn their heads on the streets. The first step is to use the EMO style haircut. It is called Zelda. Straight jeans, that are not too tight, not very large, and caught with a belt with eyelets, are a must have.

You will have to wear a lot of jewelry. A very important detail that defines the EMO style is piercings. Piercings in the eyebrow, lip, tongue, or an upper ear, the earring is great for almost all EMO trend followers. The Hip Hop style is very comfortable. The clothing girl for this style includes a cap and large clothes. Hip Hop will never leave the fashion and music horizons. This type of music expresses street language and it is dedicated to tough and rebellious young souls. The boys wear baggy pants and XXL shirts and the girls use a more different and sexy style. The cap is a must for both boys and girls. Teenagers wear large and round earrings and different colors, because they like to surprise.

Tips and comments

The Gothic style is a dark style with dark clothing girl. You need to dress only in black, to paint your hair black, and to use only black makeup. Black dominates everything. If you choose a pair of shoes with thick heels, opt for metallic accessories, necklaces, and chains hanging from your pants you will adhere to the Gothic style. Bohemian Style (boho) includes earthy colors, a natural look and casual clothes. Just think about the hippie movement from the '60s and '70s and you will realize what it is. The style is based on natural fiber clothing girl made of wool and cotton, wooden accessories, and loose clothing. You will wear maxi dresses, hand made rustic blouses, and gypsy skirts.


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