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5 Tips For Clothing To Take on a White Water River Trip


White water river rafting is an exhilarating experience! It is an adventure packed, adrenalin thumping activity. It is so wonderful that it can be addictive. Once you experience the thrill of such an adventure, you will never ever spend your weekends and holidays lazing in front of the idiot box. White water rafting is not dangerous if performed under the supervision of a qualified instructor. However, one must choose proper river clothing in order to make the experience safer and more comfortable. Below are some tips on river clothing:

Step 1

If at all you do fall in to the water, then you need clothes which are water resistant. If your river clothing has a tendency to absorb water, then your clothes will become heavy and drag you down. This is quite a liability if you are struggling to stay afloat. Thus wear river clothing that does not have the tendency to absorb water. Also, remember that you will inevitably get wet during a white water rafting session. Thus, avoid the temptation of wearing cotton. Cotton is preferable on most hot summer days as it absorbs moisture. But cotton takes a long time to dry.

Do not assume that the water will be warm. The rivers which are generally used for white water rafting have their sources high up in the mountain peaks. The water in these rivers is almost always cold – even during the summer months. Carry river clothing that will enable you to stay warm after a white water rafting session.

Remember that the rivers that are used for white water rafting are located deep in the mountains and are not easily accessible by road. You might have to trek for quite a while before you reach the actual site. River clothing that will ease the approach towards the water source is preferable.

Step 2

You cannot carry anything on board. Nobody is allowed to carry bags or other items on to the raft. You will probably have to leave your luggage on the river bank. So make sure that you do not carry any valuable items. Only carry river clothing that is necessary.

If you are going for a white water rafting trip during cold weather, then the water temperature will be just above freezing. In such a case, it is advisable to carry a wet suit. Most organizers of white water rafting will rent out wetsuits if the water is very cold - but make sure to inquire beforehand. Also, always wear a life jacket whenever you go in for a river rafting session. This is of utmost importance. Most organizers will provide you will life jackets.


Most people turn to forms of entertainment which are detrimental to health. Entertainment does not mean watching TV and ordering pizza – nor does it involve drinking heavily at local pubs and bars. Entertainment does not require you to go to the mall and exhaust the limit of your credit card. Entertainment is meant to rejuvenate the senses and to lend a new meaning to life. White water rafting does exactly that. Just remember to carry proper river clothing.

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By Sia Attavar, published at 03/01/2012
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