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Clothing Tips For Buying Swimwear


Its almost that time of year again. The dreaded bathing suit season. That time of year when women all over the world are dreadfully searching for swimwear clothing under harsh electric lights. It is difficult to find a bathing suit that not only suits your body shape, but flatters your best assets. It is time that women all over the globe finally know how to choose a swimwear clothing that truly looks good on them and will leave them feeling confident and beautiful as they hit the beaches and pools this summer.

Step 1

The first body type we will discuss is the body type that most women have. It is the pear shape. A pear shaped body has a smaller upper body and larger hips. Many women with pear shaped bodies feel that they can not wear swimwear clothing without their hips looking extra large. Those women are wrong. There are subtle tips that you can use to camouflage your problems areas and bring out your best. Many women make the mistake of trying to cover too much on their bottom half to disguise their hips, this actually draws more attention to that area. The best bet is to have ample coverage on the bottom and have a bottom that is a dark color with no patterns. You then want to have a bright and colorful top that will draw the eyes upward instead of them being focused on the problem area of the hips.

Step 2

If you have a long torso and need swimwear clothing, you may be worried about your legs looking short and chunky next to your long upper frame. You need not worry about those legs anymore, just choose a suit that flatters your legs and makes them look longer with tricks of the eye. The best swimwear clothing for this body type is to choose a high cut leg on your swimwear clothing. This will give the appearance of a longer leg by drawing the eyes upward and giving more leg showing. It is a great illusion that elongates the legs beautifully.

Step 3

For women who have a small chest, swimsuit clothing can be truly intimidating. Many women feel embarrassed by their flat chests and long for larger breasts during the summer season. You don't have to worry about stuffing your swimsuit, just let their eyes play tricks on them. Choose a suit top that has ruffles or a tie front. Make sure that your bikini top has triangular cups and not rounded ones or tank styles. Tank styles flatten your breasts and a tie front will accentuate your cleavage and make your breasts look larger.

Step 4

Large breasted women often feel just as insecure as small breasted women when it comes to swimwear clothing. You will need a swimsuit that offers bra coverage and support. This will hold in your breasts so that they do not flop around in your suit and spill out. There are also breast reducing swimwear clothing that holds your breasts in and make them appear smaller. This is also helpful if you plan on running on the beach or participating in activities because your breasts will be secure.

Step 5

If you are plus sized, there are still swimwear clothing options that can make you look fabulous. Choose darker colors that are all you shade. Use swimsuits that draw the eye upward and away from the larger hips, stomach, and bottom. Don't buy swimwear with large patterns, stripes, or flowers. This will make you look larger.


  • Choose a suit based on your body.
  • Watch those colors and patterns.
  • Play up your best features.
  • Hide your imperfections.
  • Have fun.

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By David Scott, published at 03/07/2012
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