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Must Have Fitness Clothing For The Yoga Enthusiast

Published at 03/23/2012 16:24:27


In the Western world, Yoga has gotten rather popular, but is mostly associated with Hatha Yoga, which is a form of exercise. You would no doubt know of many of the asanas or postures that this type of Yoga consists of. When you practice yoga, it is important to wear the right type of fitness clothing. Here are some tips that will help you in picking the right type of yoga fitness clothing to get the most out of your exercise:


Choose clothes that you are comfortable in and which you can wear without fear of revealing too much skin. Fitness clothing, for Yoga or otherwise, should be such that do not restrict freedom of movement. As many Yoga asanas call for a lot stretching or bending and some rather complex twists and turns, you want to pick clothes that are not too tight and will not harm your body, or cut off circulation or obstruct air supply. Again, wearing clothes that are too loose might mean that you end up getting tangled in them. The fitness clothing should be made from material that stretches well to accommodate your movement.

The fitness clothing should be light-weight. This will not only be good for the wearer when he is exercising, this also makes them easier to wash and carry. Cotton clothes are going to be good because this porous material allows the body to breathe with ease. Cotton/lycra and nylon/lycra is good material to go with when buying fitness clothing.


Also, as Yoga can be rather trying and strenuous, you may sweat a lot, which will affect further exercise and also make you smell bad – using cotton fitness clothing will reduce this problem to a certain extent. Clothes that absorb heat are no good for Yoga, as they will only make you warmer and you will sweat more than you would like to.

When buying fitness clothing, try it out before you take it home. Try to keep clear of fitness clothing that has zippers, clasps, buckles etc., as they will only be a hindrance to your Yoga routine and might hurt you. Don't buy clothes of a wrong size, as this will only make your exercise a bit more difficult than it should be. When trying out the clothes, do not just wear them and stand in them, but also try out a few asanas which include sitting, stretching, bending etc., so that you can have an idea of how well your fitness clothing will fare later.

Tips and comments

It is true that Yoga fitness clothing is rather expensive, but you do not necessarily need it – a nice t-shirt, a tank top, capris etc., will also serve well as Yoga fitness clothing. Plus, there are also discounts available on fitness clothing that is specifically designed for practising Yoga. You can look for them in stores, and a great variety is available online as well. This type of fitness clothing will ensure you have all that is mentioned above – comfort, freedom of movement and other functional aspects.


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