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How To Remove White Deodorant Stuff on Clothing

Published at 04/03/2012 11:30:24


White deodorant stuff under the arms or on clothing are not caused by sweat but rather by the acidity in the deodorant itself. It is very hectic and time consuming to remove white deodrant stuff on clothing and hence it is way better to prevent yourself from getting thewhite deodrant stuff on your cloth. Some deodorants in the market advertise themselves as not producing white deodrant stuff on clothing especially on dark clothes I would advise you to try it especially if whatever deodorant you are using currently is giving frequent white deodrant stuff on clothing which are very difficult to remove. It is also important that you note that gels and roll-on cause more stains than any other stick antiperspirants sine they have more water in their formula.

Step 1

For dry-clean-only garments, take them to a professional dry cleaner and make sure you show them where the white deodrant stuff on clothing are. The dry cleaners are efficient since they have different treatments for the problem. If the fabric is washable rinse the white deodrant stuff on clothing with cold water. Then you can now launder the garment at the warmest water recommended on the care label with normal detergent. Make sure you inspect the underarm area where the white deodrant stuff was before putting the garment into the dryer.

Step 2

Did you know vinegar is a perfect white deodrant stuff on clothing remover? Use cold water to wet the area which the white deoderant stuff on clothing is located. Add cool water and a very mild detergent and add about 3 to 4 drops of vinegar .use an absorbent pad moisten it with the solution and press the white deodrant stuff on clothing every five minutes for about 30 minutes. Rinse the garment with cool water and dry it.

Step 3

Did you know ammonia is also a perfect white stain remover? If step one and two did not work try this, use cold water to wet the area which the white deodrant stuff is located. Add cool water and a very mild detergent and add about 3 to 4 drops of ammonia. Uses absorbent pads, moisten it with the solution and press the white deodrant stuff every five minutes for about 30 minutes. Rinse the garment with cool water and dry it.

Step 4

This is also an effective method of removing white deodrant stuff on clothing. With an absorbent pad, applying rubbing alcohol let the pad stand on the soft or delicate fabrics as long as the white deodrant stuff on clothing is being removed but when working on a very strong fabric tamp occasionally with a brush and then rinse with cold water before drying.

Step 5

After applying steps two three and four you can now launder the fabric as expected but it is important to not that you do not put the clothing in the dryer but you should let them dry in the open air naturally. Inspect from time to time if the white deodrant stuff has been removed if not you may need to repeat the steps again and if the stains have come off you can now comfortably dry the fabric in the dryer.


When using ammonia make sure you use pure ammonia without colour or fragrance.

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