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Clothing Tips For Choosing a Neck Shape


Shopping for new clothing can be loads of fun, but shopping for your body type can prove to be a little more difficult. Some people want to make their hips look thinner, some prefer for their upper body to look larger and some want something somewhere in between. One way to help shape your look is to choose clothing with a neck shape that is flattering to your figure. Here is a look at some common necklines and how to choose the neck shape that is right for you.


Step 1

When it comes to clothing, one of the most popular neck shapes is the V-neck. As the name suggests, a V-neck neckline plunges down the front of your upper body in the shape of the letter "V." Some V-necks can be very revealing with a deep plunge, while others are more modest. Almost every body type can wear a shirt or dress with a V-neck, but it looks especially good on people who have round or square faces. It also looks good on people with a larger middle and upper bodies.


Step 2

Almost everyone knows this one: the turtleneck. It's a long, closed neckline that comes to about an inch or two below your chin. Clothing with turtlenecks are great for people who have long necks and faces. However, men and women with rounder, wider faces should avoid this style. It should also be avoided by people with lower or upper bodies that are disproportionately larger than the other half.


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Most people know the jewel neckline because it is found on many popular, casual items of clothing, such as the t-shirt. If you have a thick neck, avoid this style. If you have a longer neck, it can also make it look shorter if that is your goal. It is also ideal for those with a smaller upper body. Clothing with this type of neck is often confused for crew neck clothing. The two are very similar and the same rules for face and body apply.



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Clothing with cowl necks are great for anyone who wants to camouflage something about their upper body, whether it be too big or too small. It is also great for men and women who are heavier or have a larger build. This type of neckline drapes around your neck and shoulders. It is often wide or loose and many people chose to wear it instead of a turtleneck when they want total coverage.


Step 5

The bateau neckline can be found in several articles of clothing, but it is probably less common than the others mentioned. Instead of plunging down your upper body, it forms a straight line from shoulder to shoulder, at your neckline. Because of its shape, the bateau neckline can help balance out an uneven body. If your upper body is smaller than the rest of your body, or your hips are wider, it can make both halves of your body appear more congruent.



The most important thing to remember when choosing an article of clothing with a particular neck shape is that it will affect the way your body looks - literally, from head to toe. You need to be aware of the shape of your face when choosing your necklines. Is your face long and slender or is it round and chubby? Do you have a curved of square jaw. Knowing these things about yourself can make all the difference. The other thing to take into consideration is your body shape. Are you tall and thin or short and stocky? Maybe you are somewhere in between. The neckline on your clothing can make all the difference when it comes to dressing for your shape.


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By Sarah Anderson, published at 04/05/2012
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