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How To Do Laser Hair Removal in a Salon

Published at 03/15/2012 22:15:29


Laser hair removal in a salon takes three hours to complete the whole process. At the end of laser hair removal in a salon, the skin is rinsed and the plucked hair is removed. This laser technology can easily remove hair from the face, underarms, and the neck. Laser hair treatment uses a long pulse laser to remove hair.

Step 1

There are different techniques which are used to remove unwanted or unnecessary hair from the body but laser hair removal in the salon is one of the best techniques to do this task properly. The pulse ruby laser does not require waxing and carbon based lotion.

Step 2

Laser hair removal in the salon is done using crimson light which is emitted by the EPILASR, and is absorbed by the pigment which is positioned in hair follicle.

Step 3

After the treatment, less hair grow is observed after some days. The technique of laser hair removal in the salon removes multiple hairs at one time and saves time for the customer. Usually, wet solution is used to cover the treated part of skin which provides moisture and softness to the clients skin which is very necessary to protect skin from dryness. there are different ways to remove hairs in saloon.

Step 4

Laser hair treatment is recommended for any skin type like oily skin, oily and dry, and dry skin. Experts have gotten better results due to this technology. In this process laser is turned on for short period of time to remove the hair in salon. the first step of laser hair removal in salon involves waxing in order to open the closed follicles and then remove the hair.

Step 5

It only damages the targeted unnecessary hair. The clients willingness is also very necessary in this treatment. Using this technology, there is no exposure to harmful electric current or radiation to the clients. Usually, six to twelve treatments of this laser hair removal in beauty salon are required for some clients.


Duration of pulsate depend on the thickness and quantity of the hair. Second step is to apply light absorbing carbon based lotion on the skin to get rid of the unwanted hair without affecting the other parts of skin. Laser hair technique removes hair rapidly with less pain and patient feels comfortable when their hair is removed using this latest science technology.

Opened follicles help the laser light to penetrate into skin and so help it work easily. After two or three times laser hair removal in salon almost sixty to eighty percent of the clients can get better results. Some people have fifty percent less hair after one session. Within four months they can get rid of all their hair. After laser hair removal the treated part of the skin is covered with products containing antibiotics in order to prevent infection.

Laser hair removal in salon is a safe method of hair removal. Before starting laser hair removal in salon the attendant should ask different questions regarding their clients skin are also the client should feel free to ask any questions.


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