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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Published at 03/21/2012 16:10:59


Laser hair removal is now unanimously accepted as an efficient way to remove body hair in an easy way. There are many clinics you can approach for the same, and there are also kits which are available to be used at home by customers, making self-treatment an option. However, laser hair removal cost is something that is often a consideration when one think of going in for a laser treatment. Many people think these costs will be exorbitant, and so, even when they are tired of and very bothered with excessive body hair, they hesitate when opting for laser hair removal. This article will try to give you an idea of laser hair removal cost and give you tips for arriving at an estimate of the same.


It is not very easy to pin down an exact number as laser hair removal cost. In fact, it can be rather challenging to give one an idea of just how this works. To begin with, the cost depends on a number of factors. The amount of hair you are looking to get removed will, of course, be a factor in deciding laser hair removal cost for you.

Then, the pattern of hair growth for all people is different (say, some women have very fine and few hair on the face, while others have more noticeable hair), and depending on this, more or less may be charged when you approach a laser hair removal clinic for its services.

The area from which you want hair removed is another consideration when it comes to laser hair removal cost. As every person is different, the time and the number of sittings needed for complete hair removal may differ, and this obviously has an effect on the laser hair removal cost. Again, your location, the clinic and the technician will also have a role to play in deciding laser hair removal cost.


There are other methods of charging customers that clinics use:

  • Flat fee: This means that the laser hair removal cost for a certain package (say, one for womens arms) will be the same, not matter how much time, how many sittings and more. it takes. Then again, this could be a fee that is charged per treatment, regardless of what package you opt for.
  • Time: Many clinics charge for every fifteen minutes that you spend on laser hair removal. This is, in turn, affected by the speed of the technician, the variety of laser used and the body part being worked upon.

So, the cost of laser hair removal may be anything for a hundred dollars to something in the thousands of dollars, depending upon the factors discussed above. The best way to go forward is to have a meeting with your physician and consult him or her about this matter.

Tips and comments

Remember most customers find the cost is well worth it, and that their body hair problems are eliminated once and for all, and for good. You can also look for packages with discounts or current offers that allow such a discount.


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