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How To Control Frizzy Hair in Hot Weather

Published at 03/16/2012 00:43:09


Hair issues come and go. There are times when our hair turns curly or frizzy in the summer heat. Hot weather makes our skin and hair dry. The hair is not able to hold its moisture and so our hair becomes brittle and rough. Everyone wants to get rid of frizzy hair so instead of getting rebounding or getting your hair permanently straight you should go for some home remedies and change your conditioner and shampoo. Hair in hot weather gets sticky too so it is to be completely blamed on the weather as the air gets sticky.

Step 1

The first thing to be kept in mind before getting your treatment started with the frizzy hair problem is how to avoid them. Once you are done with a shower do not rub your hair with a towel, this is what causes frizzy hair. Just squeeze water out of your hair and use some cool application for your hair. Hot bath also damages your hair so one should get a shower with moderate water.

Step 2

Another way to control frizzy hair is the use of olive oil. If you massage olive oil into your hair the frizziness would eventually go. You can do this after taking a bath or even apply it on dry hair. Hot oil treatment should also be done once in a while which is that you heat the olive oil and soak your hair in it for some time. There are many other home remedies like applying mayonnaise, beer, egg and hot oil treatments.

Step 3

A number of products are now readily available on the market and in the saloons as well. Got2Be products really work for hair that is frizzy. Their moose is really effective for styling so use it after the shower and you will have the perfect style for your hair. In hot weather because of the scorching sun our hair gets damaged so a scarf should be taken while going out.

Step 4

You should brush your hair more often as brushing causes hair circulation because of which your hair will automatically start getting back to normal. You should not go for hair color and perming, just go for natural remedies and avoid taking stress.

Step 5

Healthy foods should also be taken and one should never skip breakfast. Juices and fluids should be taken as they are good for hair. Green leafy vegetables are quite effective and you should take sleep properly. These factors might sound minor but in real they matter a lot in the treatment of your hair. Hot weather, causes these issues so just wait for summers to go and for the time being follow the above remedies.


Hair is very important and styling is the main factor in ones look. People go to saloons and get their hair done. Hot rod which straightens the hair for some time ruins them so one should avoid all these.


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