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3 Hair Tips Every Woman Should Know


Hair is a person’s crowning glory. Natural, lustrous, shiny hair enhances the beauty of a person. Many of us are blessed with such hair from birth but once a person hits puberty problems with hair fall begins and no matter how much effort one puts in it is often futile and the hair loss is unstoppable. If you are suffering from hair loss and do not know how to stop it, the best place to get hair 3 tips and suggestions is the internet.

Step 1

  • Very often the shampoo can be a problem. Using a mild hair shampoo that does not lather heavily is important. The kind of shampoo depends upon the hair type and texture. The market is flooded with shampoos and conditioner to suit various hair types and hair problems. Knowing the hair type is the first hair 3 step to stop hair fall. If you are not sure about your hair type the well written articles in online sites will help you.
  • A good hair conditioner is also important. The hair should be rinsed thoroughly, because if the hair is not washed well the soap residue will cause hair fall. Hair 3 should be kept as clean as possible at all times especially during the summer months as sweat and dirt are harmful.
  • The best anti dandruff shampoos should be used. Hair should be brushed regularly to stimulate blood circulation, but it should not be brushed harshly. Hair should not be brushed when wet as this causes hair to break.
  • Constantly blow drying the hair, using hot rollers, curling irons, hair straightening treatments and coloring can damage the hair. If these are done at regular intervals then the hair should be taken care of in an extra special way.
  • Massaging the hair 3 with any suitable tropical hair and covering the head with a warm towel helps the oil penetrate the pores and strengthens the hair follicles. The hair should not be braided tightly or pulled together to make a tight ponytail. It is best to go out with head covered to keep it safe from heat and pollutants.
  • There are many home remedies that can do wonders to the hair. These chemical free remedies are made of ingredients that can be found in the garden or in the kitchen. Natural ingredients that are very effective hair 3 home remedies are aloe vera, vinegar, apple cider, egg, lemon juice, fenugreek seed paste, and much more.
  • But no matter what kind of products you use, be it natural or chemical based that are marketed by the best brands in the beauty industry and no matter what kind of supplements you take it will be of no use if you do not have a nourishing diet.
  • A balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, cereal, pulses, nuts and essential fatty acids will go a long way in providing the necessary nourishment to make the hair 3 strong and healthy. Apart from good food sufficient quantities of water is also a must.


Spending time grooming and taking care of one’s hair, trimming the hair at regular intervals, being stress free with a relaxed mind will give healthy and glowing hair 3 that is your crowning glory.

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By Sia Attavar, published at 03/22/2012
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3 Hair Tips Every Woman Should Know. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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