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Why It's Impossible To Grow Hair Faster


Hair growth takes some perseverance. Despite the many myths and claims to make hair grow faster, there are actually no definite ways to make hair grow faster. The truth is that it grows at almost the same rate for most of people. However, some people may be lucky enough to be blessed with genes that enable growth at a quicker rate than most people, or you may be one of those unlucky ones for whom it takes a lifetime to grow.

Step 1

There are no magic potions, tonics, or concoctions that can be used to make hair grow faster. It will grow at its own pace eventually. They start growing even before we are born and continue to grow throughout an people life. It grows approximately about 6 inches per year. Some people may grow it faster depending on their genes while others will grow it slower, but for most people 6 inches growth is the average.

Step 2

It may be impossible to grow hair faster due to the reason that the scalp is constantly shedding it. There are three phases that the follicles go through during their life cycle. for about three years they go through the anagen phase, a transitional phase, and finally when they rest for about three months going through the telogen phase.

Step 3

However, once the last phase ends, they start to fall. Normally, the scalp sheds about 100 hairs a day. and the more you shampoo the faster they shed. The normal loss that one experiences is usually unnoticeable as each strand is in a different phase.

Step 4

It is not possible to actually grow your hair faster. It will grow at its usual pace, but there are ways to make it look like it is growing faster than usual. The trick is to always keep it in the best condition at all times. Often, when hair looks good it looks longer, especially if you have trimmed off the split ends.

Step 5

Other ways to make it look like your hair is growing faster are to stop using chemicals. They slower the growth rate by weakening your hair. Cutting down on caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and drugs will help secure the growth rate as the usage of these makes them look lifeless, greasy, and dry. Take care of your diet. Try to drink lots of water and increase your intake of vitamins. Do not stress out. You often end up decreasing your growth rate when you are stressed. 


Hair growth is a lengthy process. If you want it immediately, try using some extensions as they will not start growing faster just because you want them to. Extensions are relatively easy to clip in or you can go to your stylist to sew them in. There are many extensions that are being made out of human hair. So if you are willing to pay more money, buy those extensions because hair will not grow any faster than its usual pace.

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By Sidra Rana, published at 03/25/2012
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