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How To Put Up Your Hair

Published at 03/28/2012 20:41:09


When you need a new look for a formal evening at dinner, putting your hair up in an upswept do can give you that polished look. This is a great look for an evening out to dinner and dancing. An upswept do, can give you a more formal look for that special evening. Nothing says sophistication better, than an up hairstyle. This is a great way to show off those sparkling new earrings.

Step 1

The first step to pulling up your hair is to make sure that it is clean and free of tangles. If your hair is dirty and tangled, you will not be able to achieve the look you were wanting to create. Make sure that your hair is fully clean and free of all tangles. You will need to thoroughly dry your hair and you will be ready to begin your new hairstyle. Once your hair is dry, make sure that you comb thoroughly to make sure there are no more tangles.

Step 2

Depending on the up hairstyle that youre looking to create, you will need to section your hair into three different sections so that they are more manageable.  Once again comb each section to remove any tangles.  You can secure two of the sections that with clips to keep them out of your way. You will begin working with the first section only.  Also, slowly begin to twisted it towards the top of your head.

Step 3

Once you have twisted the section, your need to secure it to the top of your head with a bobby pins.  You will then release the second section and twist it just as you did the first one.  Secure this section to the top of your head with pins.  Next, you will work with the third and final section of hair. Once the final section of hair is twisted into place, you will secure it as well.

Step 4

Now you will need to take your curling iron and curl some of the tendrils of hair that have fallen loose up hair. This will create a soft and romantic up hair do that will make you look beautiful. You can also curl some of the top ends that have escaped from the pinned areas. This will give your up hair do a softer and less severe look that will make you look great. Try curling some of the tendrils at the nape of your neck into tiny ringlets. Now it is time to style those bangs for a finished look.

Step 5

The last step to creating that perfect up hair do, is to style your bangs to perfection. You will need to take your bangs and pull them to the side in a side-swept style. Brush them so that they are smooth and without frizz or curl. You can secure some of the longer sections back with a jeweled pin. This creates a dramatic, yet classic look that will bring out the jewels that you wear with your outfit. If you do not want to pull back a section, just make sure that your bangs are not in your eyes and that you spray them with hairspray to keep them in place throughout your event or special occasion.


  • Create a romantic look with an up hair do.
  • Curl the ends for a softer look.
  • Secure with bobby pins.
  • Spray well with hairspray.



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