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What Is the Connection Between Vitamins And Nutrition?


Indulging in proper vitamins and nutrition are very valuable in attaining a healthy body. Lack of vitamins may hinder your performance in handling various daily tasks. Attaining the proper nutrition and recommended dosage of various vitamins in your daily diet can make immense changes in your daily life. Lack of vitamins in the body will lead to sluggish and tiresome days due to lack of energy and stamina. For example, individuals that are deficient in vitamins B1, B2 and A will suffer from reverting weariness, mental disturbances and loss of appetite.


Vitamins and minerals are complex organic molecules that are needed to carry out the normal functions of the human body. A human body needs a certain amount of minerals and vitamins each day to stay healthy and function adequately. The proper nutrition and balanced diet is the best source of these nutrients. Therefore, the best way to a healthy life is through proper dosage of both vitamins and nutrition.


Purpose of Vitamin Supplementation
Vitamins and nutrition should go hand in hand for a better lifestyle. There are numerous multivitamin products that are sold in drug stores. The main purpose of these multivitamins is to provide all the nutrients and minerals that could not be given by your regular diet. There are several individuals nowadays that are not getting the enough nutrients from their respective diet. These people are not fond of eating healthy foods and that is the reason that they need multivitamins. These supplements will aid the human body to fill those gaps that could not be given through the person’s daily nutrition.

Vitamin supplementation was also designed to attain the nutritional needs of athletes. Basketball players, cyclists and bodybuilders need the vitamins and nutrition since their bodies and activities will virtually burn hundreds of calories per day. These individuals need more micronutrients than those of the average person.

Whole foods: the best sources of Vitamins and Minerals
Synthetic vitamins or vitamins supplementation are not as effective as that in whole food. There are several nutrients and minerals in healthy foods. You do not eat an apple and only attain Vitamin C. You do not eat a salmon and only attain Vitamin D. These foods contain multiple natural nutrients that are very essential for your body. Nutrients from a certain food will interact with the other nutrients from other foods and are then processed together in your body. The multivitamins, on the other hand, are just junctions of isolated vitamins that could not be utilized efficiently by a human body.

The nutrients in food are easier to digest in the stomach since they are all natural. Some of the synthetic vitamins, in contrast, can cause upset stomach, allergic reaction and other medical issues. There are some cheap synthetic vitamins that are made of petrochemicals, which can be harmful to your health.

Tips and Comments

There are several individuals that could not attain the required nutrients from their diet. These individuals would turn to other alternatives such as utilizing supplements and synthetic vitamins. However, these methods of attaining nutrients are not as effective as that of natural whole foods. Vitamins and nutrition go hand in hand for the attainment of a healthy mind and body.

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