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How To Attract a Humming Bird

Published at 03/12/2012 03:50:53


Nature is an intriguing thing that many of us do not take the time to really get to know. Just spending time in nature is a great way to get to know the world around you, the creatures you share it with and about yourself. There are many species of animals on the planet and a number of them are in your own backyard. Birds are a common visitor to every neighborhood and there are thousands of species of birds out there. Chances are, there are at least two dozen species of birds frolicking in your backyard right now.

Chickadees, crows, gulls, blue jays, robins and even eagles are commonly spotted in many backyards. One bird that does make appearances in many areas around the world but maybe not as much as other birds if the humming bird. A humming bird is a very small bird with mostly blue and green coloring. You will recognize by how fast it flaps its wings which make the humming bird look like it is just floating in thin air. It is quite rare to see a humming bird but there are ways to draw them close to your home so you can photograph them or just admire them. Below are some tips on how to attract a humming bird.

Step 1

Before a hummingbird will make an appearance near your property, you need to give one a reason to do so. Set up a bird feeder and have some food in it first thing in the morning when they are most likely to be around. You can buy bird feeders that are specifically made for a hummingbird and they like to eat certain seeds, very small insects and nectar.

Step 2

A hummingbird will be attracted to water, so put water in a dish nearby or have some small fountains or other decorative water items around.

Step 3

A hummingbird will also be attracted to plants so have some plants planted in the area where you would like to see a humming bird.

Step 4

Make sure any cats or other pets are indoors when you are trying to attract a hummingbird so that they will not chase them away.

Step 5

Noise is a sure way to keep a hummingbird away. Try to make the area as quiet as possible. Speak low, do not have loud music playing in the area and make sure the area where you would like to see a hummingbird is away from the road and not to close to other homes or yards where noise may be present.


A hummingbird is one of the most beautiful creatures you will ever observe and although they keep a low profile and are rarely spotted in the wild, it is very possible to attract them to your yard.

Make sure you have your binoculars ready to observe from a distance at first. Once a humming bird gets used to you being in the area, it may allow you to get closer so that you can get some fantastic pictures and be able to observe it up close.


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