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About the Song "three Little Birds"


Three little birds is a song released in 1980. It is a beautiful song by the revered Bob Marley and the Wailers. The song is one the most famous songs of Bob Marley. It has been on the charts on the 4th no. This song was a piece of genius by Bob because he was fond of birds as they used to sit and sing outside his house and mostly outside his window. Three little birds is an inspiration from watching birds sing and do their regular activities. He wrote it after watching the activities of birds.


This song has been written by Bob Marley. In this song he has written how a bird thinks about himself and how he feels he is free to do anything and that one day he will have whatever he wants. Three little birds is a song written after watching a brief work of birds and spending time to view what they do.


Three little birds song tell the listeners that everything in life will come one day or the other. All you have to do is be patient. This song has so much to tell and describe. This is a really loving song and it tells you how to spend your life the way you want to. As this song was put into words after watching the birds sing and shine and live every morning on the same monotonous day, this tells everyone to be like those birds, who after searching for the food ends up finding a few pieces. This song makes a person walk on the road they have always wanted to walk on.

Tips and comments

Three little birds is a really nice song and in the 80s it was loved by all. Even today if you give a listen to this song it will brighten up your spirits and make you fall in love with the real you. It will help you change a little. The song three little birds have been a hit in the 80s and even today. This song depicts what nature and true life has to give. It is a meaningful song with so much to give. This song tells how every morning the birds rise up smiling and praising God and flying away to find their food. This song makes you want to be a fine person. Every morning all we do when we wake up is curse our self or complain. This song teaches to be thankful on every moment in life. It tells you not to worry about anything in life and do not take any sort of tension. Because every problem has a solution and as the birds don’t feel bad about anything and stay smiling, so should you. This song advices you to rise up in the morning shining, smiling and hoping to have a bright day ahead, to keep on moving and never complaining. Everything will be all right once you stay calm. This song has so much meaning in it that you would love to listen to it again and again.

By Amara, published at 03/28/2012
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About the Song "three Little Birds". 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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