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What Bird Comes Early in the Spring?


A Chinese adverb says that spring is a beautiful time of the year that is often recognized sooner by the animals and plants than by humanity. The behavior of plants and animals, as researchers say, shows them that spring is coming every year. Birds are also an important part of this cycle.

Birds are amazingly reliable indicators as a sign that spring is on its way. This is because birds have photoreceptors at the base of their brains that record the length of the day. They however do not measure the amount of daylight. they focus on the amount of darkness. This enables them to sort of do the math and calculate correctly that the shorter nights equal longer days and that longer days mean that spring is on the way. Birds and humans together await anxiously for spring because it is always as a new beginning.

When it comes to the question of which bird appears first in spring, it really depends on where you live. Robins are usually the first to appear in New England and most of Canada. It is usually the first migrant bird of spring and it is absent during winter.

In other places, the early bird of spring is the woodcock which are pre-historic looking, long beaked, woodland shorebirds that have an interesting and uncanny resemblance to water balloons with handles. Another early bird of spring is the Red-winged Blackbirds. They are usually back by late February and early March. ready to commence the breeding season once again. In some locations, these red-winged blackbirds appear all year round. However, it is only when the winter is coming to a close that we hear the singing males as they settle back into the marshes and chirping their usual song.

Another early bird of spring is the goldfinch. They may be around us throughout the year, but it is only in March that we see the males starting to shed their winter coats which reveal the flecks of gold which glows under their dull green winter plumage.

Now that it is spring time and the early birds of spring have appeared, attracting them to your yard or homes and enjoying their beauty might be an idea to consider.  Also, you can turn up the mulch at your flower bed to make it easier for the birds to look for insects. Attracting birds is also about meeting their needs after a long migration flight as they get ready for the nesting season. Some of the requirements you can provide for them in order to attract them are food, water, shelter and nesting websites.

Watching out for the early bird of spring can be a way to relax as well as a tourist attraction, be it local or international. Birds are always fascinating to watch, and can prove to be the most reliable weather predictors that there are.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/29/2012
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