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How To Search For a Domain Name

Published at 03/06/2012 20:33:23


One of the most important steps of creating a good website is to search the domain name. Usually, new webmasters are not that concerned about this aspect and consider it a secondary matter. The search domain name stage is important because the SEO techniques needed to increase the online visibility of the website and the meta tags are strictly connected with the name of the site.

Step 1

First, you will need to establish your budget before starting to search domain name. It is important as the prices for a domain of your search domain name with the extension .com. You will probably find some cheaper options while the extensions .uk or .us are more expensive.

Step 2

It is normal as long as the .us and .uk sites are easily optimized for the clients and visitors of the respective country. However, if you want a general website that is not only addressed to the people living in a certain country, you should search domain name with a generic extension such the cheapest domain names are the ones having extension, but those sites might be hard to optimize.

Step 3

If you want an educational site with guides and resources about a certain topic, the .edu extension is recommended when you search domain name, and for a website with general information, .info is the recommended extension.

Step 4

Now that you have decided about the extension and name for your site, you should check if this domain is available. don’t try to find general names as they are taken for years now. If you really want a name of a domain and it is already taken by another webmasters, you can talk with the respective webmaster about selling you the domain.

Step 5

There are even specialized companies that only buy domain names just to sell them afterward, and you should search domain name that is parked in order to find such domains. In any case, even if you need to search domain name longer, you will probably find a new and suitable name after a while.


It is important for the name to be representative for your niche, and also simple. try to find specific names for your website. For example, if you want to open an online casino, you can be sure that or are taken for a long while now, but you can’t put the name for your site, as this name will not only be hard to find by your visitors, but it will also be hard to optimize..

You might need to spend some time when you search domain name, but you should not neglect this aspect. if you take the first available domain, you will probably regret your decision when you will realize that the domain name can’t be optimized for web searches. As soon as you have your domain, you will have to optimize your site using meta-tags and links, and this task would be impossible without a good domain name.


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