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How To Get An Internet Domain

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Getting your own Internet domain is a great idea if you change Internet Service Providers frequently or if you want to establish a website for your business. The Internet domain is the address that customers can enter in the address bar of a Web browser to get to your website. Once you have purchased the Internet domain, it is yours until you cancel it or the subscription to it is cancelled. Before picking out your Internet domain, write down a list of possible domain names. There is a great possibility that the name you want to use may already be in use. After you have your list in hand, you can start the process of getting an Internet domain.

Step 1

Purchase an Internet domain from a domain name registrar. Make sure the domain name registrar is accredited and has a good reputation. You can check out the registrar using the Better Business Bureaus online search tool. The website will tell you whether the organization has any outstanding complaints and how past complaints were handled. In order to find a domain name register for your Internet domain, you can perform an online search.

Step 2

Use a free domain provider. Some websites offer free Internet domain registration. Your website will be listed as a secondary domain. For instance, instead of your domain having the common, it will be to signify the host. Many free domain providers offer the ability to purchase the Internet domain at a later time if you want to free yourself from the secondary Internet domain level.

Step 3

Register with a country domain name registrar if you want a country-level domain. Country level domains include “.us” for the country of America or “.uk” for the United Kingdom. You will need to contact the country domain name registrar for your country in order to secure an Internet domain that designates a country in the name. The fees associated with securing the country-level Internet domain may be significantly higher than a simple domain.

Step 4

Contact the Department of Defense if you want to register an Internet domain with a military-level distinction. Military-level domains are signified with a “.mil” at the end of the address. The application process to secure a military-level Internet domain is long and is rarely granted to organizations outside of the military. You will need to have the proper authorization to establish a “.mil” domain. The Department of Defense can provide you with the information you will need to have to register for a military-level Internet domain.

Step 5

Search for a company to host your website. Once you have secured your Internet domain, you will need to find a company to host the website. In some instances, you can use the company you used to register your Internet domain. If this is an option, compare the offer you receive from the company with the other options available before making your decision. After you make your decision and pay for the Web hosting, you can begin to work on your website.

Tips and Comments

If you are unsure of the name you chose for your Internet domain, you can cancel your subscription to it at any time.

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