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How To Conduct a Domain Name Search

Published at 03/06/2012 06:58:44


Setting up a website involves creating pages, designing them, including important information, and  creating a domain name. Before registering a domain, you have to do a domain search that best suits you. So in setting up a website, a domain name is helpful to bring the potential customers to visit the website. Domain name is related to your products and services. It should be easy to remember and easy to spell for the customers.

Step 1

In order to register a domain name for your website, you have to conduct a domain name search to check the availability of that domain name that helps you make sure that the name you have carefully chosen is not already registered by any other owner.

Step 2

A good approach is to do some planning before conducting efficient domain name search that helps to have a greater sense of focus on what you are searching for. For this, prepare a list of domain names that express your website, as your domain name is supposed to let your customers or visitors know suitably about what your website is all about. So define a comprehensive topic or range of topics that you plan to set for your website, by predicting a little bit about the objective of your website.

Step 3

More specifically, provide many feasible facts that clearly describe your users to assume what your website is publicizing. Also try to focus to maintain memorable domain names with fewer characters, as smaller domain names are easy to remember to get hold in users’ memory that makes it easier for them to write the domain name in browser with no difficulty. Choosing a domain name with keywords also helps in increasing the website ranking in search engines.

Step 4

After preparing the list of broad domain names topics, you are now able to conduct domain name search. There are several forms for conducting the search, the simplest one is by typing each single domain name into the web browser. If in result a website appears related to that specific name, it means that this domain name is unavailable as its being already registered.

Step 5

But this method is not the most accurate one, as we cannot assume that the specific domain name is available if no website appears in result. There could be many reasons, like website might be under construction or may be the site server gets down, for the nonexistence of the website except it is not being used and available for registration.


Another approach is to install a domain search tool in order to check the availability of the domain names. But unluckily it’s not the good approach as it can sometimes cost a lot of your money to buy the program and also give ineffective search. On the other hand, you could get help from domain name registrar to search domain names that you want or may also advise you onto select closely related substitute domain names if the one you are searching for happen to be unavailable. If you found a perfect domain name but exposed that it is already registered, than you could contact the owner of the current domain in order to buy that domain name, either directly or through an online auction process.


Once you have searched available domain name that best matches with your website's intentions, then you are now able to setup a website. It will be an online existence of your company to get more advertisement among the customers.


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