How To Check If a Domain Name Is Taken
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How To Check If a Domain Name Is Taken

Published at 04/05/2012 17:23:11


How To Check If a Domain Name Is Taken

The domain name can make a real difference in how successful your company is. When you check domain names before attempting to register them, you can save yourself the time and heartache associated with trying to register a name that is already taken. In most instances, you do not have to pay any money to check domain names that are available. Sites such as Surf to Register and offer free tools to check domain names. Variations of the domain name you want may be available, so also check them when looking for the right domain name.

Step 1

Visit Surf to Register to check domain names to determine if they are taken. The site offers a comprehensive list of registered domain names. You can check domain names that you are interested in acquiring using its online tool. If a name you are interested in using has already been taken, the site will offer suggestions based on the words you entered. The suggested domain names are available for you to register.

Step 2

Access in your Web browser and search for the domain name that you are want to acquire. The site not only offers the ability to check domain names for availability, you can even register for the name through the site. When you access the site, click “Start a Domain Name Search” to check domain names. Once you have found a name that is available, you can choose to acquire the domain.

Step 3

Visit to check domain names. The site has an online tool that you can use to check domain status. You can also choose to browse through a list of available domain names. If your special domain name is not available to register, look at the available domain names. Review the site's tips for finding the right domain name if each time you check domain names, they are all taken.

Step 4

Be receptive to a different domain name if each name you choose is already taken. Rearranging the words could make the difference between a domain being available or not when you check domain names. There are many creative variations of your domain name that you can use if the one you really want is not available. Reach out to business contacts and customers to determine if they have suggestions for finding the right domain name.

Step 5

Make a list of potential domain names in which you are interested. The list can help you narrow the amount of time you spend on check domain names. The name you want may not be available which means you cannot register it. If you have several names to check beforehand, you can potentially find your desired domain within a few minutes.


Contact a local web designer if you do not have the time to search for a domain name. Some designers are willing to look for, register and design a domain for a fee. Give the designer the idea of what kind of domain name you are interested in registering. Discuss the price of the service before agreeing. You do not want to end up paying more than you were willing to.

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