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Ever since the internet came into existence, it has been used for many purposes; those including many personal and official services. It cannot be denied that the main attraction of the internet has always been communication, i.e. exchange of data. Slowly and gradually man found ways of improving this system. With the advancement of technology, email providers took charge of this World Wide Web, finishing the distances that were present between two far apart places. Email providers no doubt have now made this into a business, providing free email services while they compete with one another. It is the nature of man to gain advantage and profit in whatever field of life he may enter. Offering fast web connectivity, emails have verily become inevitably crucial for contemporary communication.


As far as one can remember, Yahoo and Hotmail have always been the most prominent emailing services. Yet, today many other free email providers do exist, such as, Gmail, AOL mail,,, Lycos mail, care2 etc. these companies have no doubt embedded their roots in great depths. Then again, if questioned, Hotmail, yahoo and Gmail to some extent will always be the most used email services throughout time. At first, internet used to be rarely found, expensive obviously and no concept of Wi-Fi availability. It has seen a lot of progress over the years. New technology, improved gadgets and what not have man invented to ease up telecommunication. Ecommerce and other online businesses have prospered throughout the decades. Now every multinational business is functioned through emailing services.


Assimilated by Microsoft, Hotmail has undergone many improvements and has changed to become something completely different from what it was years ago. That is, it has shown positive improvement. Hotmail has been reviewed as one of the top emailing services. Its best features include anti-spam services and high security measures. Moreover, one of its competitors includes Yahoo! Automatic filters are one of the strongest points that its email providers offer. Yahoo has developed over the years as a search site including maximum amount of information for anyone interested. Next on list would definitely be Gmail, well reputed for its massive space. One can store up to many MBs of information on the net due to this email service. As it is very obvious to most of the internet surfers, Gmail has gained a lot of fan following in a little amount of time. This is true when comparing it with Hotmail or Yahoo which have existed over many decades from now. Furthermore, companies offering exciting names and URL also exist that are catching the eye of many. You may customize your email id according to your need.

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Email providers have started to get earnings from this business of service providing now. Man has worked hard to demolish the distances between different locations. Hence, franchising developed thoroughly. If it weren’t for emails, telecommunication and Ecommerce would have never emerged as much as they have today. These companies provide many advantages even in the stalk market, in every walk of life if being specific. For we all know that connectivity is no doubt the root of success today.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/31/2012
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The Best Email Providers. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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