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The Advantages Of Using Web Based Email


There are two major ways or accessing your email account these ways include email clients and web based email. The easier way to access your email between the two is the web based email approach know most of you are wondering why, this is because when you use a web based approach you do not need to install software’s in your computer neither do you need to learn how to use this software’s .in the web based approach you only need you computer with a web browser to open your emails and most definitely internet connections. But does this mean since it is easy to access email with web based email that it is the best option? So this will need us to go through its advantages in order to see if it is the best way to access your emails. It is also important to know that the word web based email is also referred to as email accounts which are provided by services such as Gmail, yahoo and Hotmail.


Some of the advantages of web based emails would include.


There are so many different types of web based emails that one can access emails from .the clients connect to the account on the server using some email protocol such as POP or IMAP and the best part all servers use the same email protocol so that it is easy for every person no matter where you are to access their web based emails.

Ease of access

If you are using a web based email you can easily access your emails anywhere in the world using any computer of your all you need is a web browser program and a live internet connection but it is also important to not that without internet connection you cannot access your web based emails and therefore this is quit a big disadvantage for web based email.


No additional software needed

When using web based email you do not need to put any additional software’s in you computer all you need is a web browser and although this web browser may be different the web based email interface will look the same so that you may not get confused when using another computer.

No need to own a computer

Since we said that when using web based email you can access you email at any place with any computer then you do not have to own your own computer and this has really helped the underdeveloped countries in terms of they do not need to buy the expensive machines to access better communication technology. Is that not awesome?

Customized and prettier

With the introduction of themes nowadays web based emails look much prettier and attractive than email clients. it is also easy to learn how to use web based email than email client you can experiment this by trying to teach you young brother how to use both methods to access email.

Storage space

The web based email no longer suffers from storage space as it was a while a go because yahoo now provides unlimited storage space.

Tips and comments

in general using the web based approach is better than the email client

By emma Wanjiku, published at 04/06/2012
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The Advantages Of Using Web Based Email. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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