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Where Can Rihanna Lyrics Be Found?


Rihanna is one of the bestselling popular music artists and one of the biggest acts in music. Rihanna was born Robyn Fenty in 1988 in the beautiful country of Barbados. Rihanna emigrated to the country when she was a teenager to pursue a career in the music industry. Rihanna was signed to Def Jam Records or Def Jam Recordings in 2005. The same year she was signed to Def Jam, she recorded and released her first album called "Music of the Sun" and it peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200. She scored her first hit single with the reggaeton influenced track "Pon De Replay."

In 2006, she released her second full-length album called "A Girl Like Me," which spawned her first Hot 100 number one single called "SOS." 2007 was Rihannas breakthrough year as a recording artist when she released her third album "Good Girl Gone Bad," which gave the singer some of the biggest pop music hits of her career, which include "Umbrella" and "Take a Bow." More album releases and a red hot collaboration with rap singer Eminem made Rihanna a household name. If you want to know where Rihanna lyrics be found, you can find those lyrics on the singers official website.

Go to to find Rihanna lyrics. is Rhianna's official website for Rihanna lyrics, pictures, videos and for other Rihanna related media. You only have to do a few tasks to find Rihanna lyrics on You do not need to pay for access to this website. You do not have to sign an email newsletter or make an account on to find Rihanna lyrics. All you have to do is navigate Find the area of where you see the word "Music." Click on "Music" to go to the music section of the website. This is the section of the website where you can find Rihanna lyrics. All of Rhianna's albums including remix and compilation albums are on her website. Select the album that you want Rihanna lyrics from by clicking on one of the albums. You are directed to another page.

Click on the album that has the Rihanna lyrics and then scroll down the webpage. Scroll down until you reach "Album Lyrics." Every song on the album is on the webpage. Click the Rihanna song that you want the Rihanna lyrics for by single-clicking your mouse on that song. The lyrics for the song will appear on screen. Copy or print Rihanna lyrics. You can copy and paste the lyrics from Rihanna on a word processor of your choice and you can save the Rihanna lyrics on your hard drive for future use. You can print out the lyrics, if you have your own printer or you can go to a friends house that has a printer or print Rihanna lyrics out at a public library. if you go to your public library, you have to pay a small fee, which is under 10 cents a page for printing out material.

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