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How To Find the Lyrics in Songs


If there's one thing that has always withstood the test of time over centuries, it's music. People all over the world love to write, listen to, and play music. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone anywhere in the whole wide world that doesn't like music. A huge aspect of music that is extremely important is the lyrics to songs. There are millions upon millions of songs in existence, and a great deal of them have lyrics. People like to know the lyrics in songs so that they can sing along in the shower, while driving, while singing karaeoke, or while serenading a new lover or an old wife (or both, for that matter). However, sometimes people just end up making the lyrics in songs up themselves because they either don't understand the original version or they don't have access to the lyrics in songs. Well you don't have to worry about that anymore because today you will find out exactly how to find out the lyrics in songs that you've always wanted to discover for yourself on your own. 

Step 1

Open the case of the recorded music to which you wish to find the lyrics in songs. This could be a CD jewel case, the slip cover for a record, the insert for a cassette tape, or even the file that accompanied your digital download. Read carefully through the words in the case, which are known as liner notes. In a great deal of cases, you will find the lyrics in songs on the album you're listening to right inside the liner notes. This will allow you to read the lyrics in songs you're listening to at the same time that the song is playing. You can even sing along with the lyrics in songs while they're playing (try not to annoy your friends or family too much though if you're not a very good singer). 

Step 2

Sometimes the liner notes don't actually contain the lyrics in songs on the album. In these cases, your next step is to listen carefully to the lyrics in songs. In many cases, if you take the time to listen without any distractions, you can make out the lyrics in songs on your own. Play the song at a reasonable volume and use a pen and paper to write down what you hear. Then play the song again and compare the lyrics in songs that you wrote down with what you're hearing as the song plays. In many cases, this is all you need if your liner notes don't have lyrics or you don't have access to them (but hopefully not because you downloaded the song illegally, because that's just wrong and you wouldn't want the RIAA after you). 

Step 3

If all else fails, go online. By simpling entering the name of the song along with the word "lyrics" into a search engine, you can almost always find the lyrics in songs that you are looking for. Be careful, however, as sometimes these lyrics sites are just plain wrong or the person who uploaded them introduced typos and other mistakes into the lyrics in songs


If you still can't find the lyrics you're looking for, ask a friend. Perhaps they will know the lyrics you wish to find out. 


By Carlos Fournier, published at 02/05/2012
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