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Music is the glue that holds the world together. Every culture has some form of music, whether it be our modern music, hymns, or other songs. Even the most remote villages and countries have music. It is a part of life and what draws us all together in unity. There are so many songs with world lyrics. They are songs that speak to our hearts and unite us together in a common bond of humanity.

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"We are the World" was released in 1985 and then again in 2010 and contains some beautiful world lyrics. It was for Africa and it brought the world together. The lyrics sing of a starving land where children need our help. It lets us know that we are the world and we are those children and we need to rise up and help one another and reach out to our fellow man. The song was sung by many artists, including Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. The song sold millions of copies and then was released again with new artists in 2010.

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"Earth Song" by Michael Jackson is a truly touching song with world lyrics. It speaks of our Earth being destroyed because of the way that we treat it. It speaks of dying children due to war. It is a truly heart-wrenching song that has continued to be played on Earth Day each year. Many people enjoy this beautiful song and sing along with Michael as he belts it out from his heart. You can look up the earth lyrics below and sing along.

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"Imagine" by John Lennon is a masterpiece with earth lyrics. This song was written during the Vietnam War when the world was seemingly falling apart and so many were fighting and losing their lives in a senseless war. Many people during this time protested the war and John Lennon was one of them. He wrote this song about our world and war and how it affects so many lives. Long after his death, this song continues to earn radio air time.

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"Heal the World" is a wonderful song by Michael Jackson with world lyrics. Michael Jackson was a big proponent of keeping our Earth healthy. He wrote many songs that revolved around us ruining the Earth and hurting our children. This song sings of a world that is corrupted with pollution, disease, and dying children. This song is a touching reminder that the Earth belongs to our children and we need to take care of it for their future.

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"Planet Earth" by Duran Duran is a rousing earth lyrics song. This song is more upbeat than the previous choices. It speaks of our planet and how we need to take better care of it and stop wars and hunger. This a great song with a driving beat and great world lyrics.

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Have fun searching for all the world lyric songs and singing along. There are so many world lyric songs.

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