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the Best Residential Phone Service For Low Income Families in Oxnard, California

Pay As You Use

The best thing about a residential phone service is that you can you can control the amount of money you spend on your phone. You do not have a sign a contract with any company or worry about your monthly phone bills, this type of service is great for people who are always on the move or do not make phone calls on a regular basis. This type of service is very popular in many developing countries as people prefer to keep a check on their expenses. There are many residential phone service in the United States as well. Students from foreign countries like to use these services because of the cheaper rates and also due to the lesser number of formalities involved. There are many companies in California that offer this type of services, big brands like AT&T and Verizon all provide residential phone service with different variety of plans.

The Big Brands

Many people would prefer to go for the big brands because of the simple fact that these brands have been there for a long time. AT&T offers a 25 dollar plan that includes 250 minutes of talk time plus texts, this is a pretty reasonable for someone who seldom talks on the phone. The company also provides a toll-free service which could come handy sometimes. The bad thing about AT&T is that customers always have complains about their networks. Many iPhone users were initially signing contracts with AT&T simply because of the hardware. Verizon has a reason for claiming to be the best wireless service in the country. It provides a number of flexible plans that customers can choose from. Virgin Mobile provides two plans, you can choose a pay by the minute or a monthly plan. The plans are pretty confusing at first glance but a closer look will reveal that the charges are very reasonable.

The Small Time Players

There is no shortage of smaller companies that offer competitive services in California. Services like Boost Mobile offer good residential phone service at affordable prices but the bad part about the smaller companies is that they rely on the network of the bigger brands and often their network coverage is not as good as the popular providers. But this could be a minor set back for those who are living in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco as the network in these places are very good.

Choosing The Best

The main thing to consider while going for a residential phone service is the cost and the flexibility in recharge options. Most companies give the option to recharge your phone through online transactions saving you the trouble of looking for a place to get your phone recharged. Some operators also offer freebies from time to time, so be on the look out for offers as they could save you some money on your phone expenses. Every company offers the same services and is in a competitive manner. Companies such as AT&T and Verizone compete not on service but on discounts and features each one has. These features varry from unlimited talks, international call discounts, call forwarding and etc.

By Hannah Aliposa, published at 02/12/2012
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the Best Residential Phone Service For Low Income Families in Oxnard, California. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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