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Gaming laptops are typically used by those who enjoy playing games on their PC. Most games require your computer to have certain settings, hardware, and graphic abilities in order to play them. If you play games on a non-gaming laptop, you may have to deal with extreme gaming lag, poor graphics quality, and an overall terrible game play. While many gamers choose to use desktop computers for their gaming needs, there are also plenty of good gaming laptops out there that will meet all of your requirements. A gaming laptop does not just have to be used for playing video games. It can also be used for everyday tasks, work, and simply browsing through the internet.

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When you are purchasing a gaming laptop, you will need to buy one that has the right amount of RAM that your computer will need to run your video games. Most computer video games these days are very graphic intensive and require a lot of RAM and power to run effectively. A high-speed processor is a very important thing to look for. Check out the prices for gaming laptops that are in your price range and go with a dual-core processor or higher. The RAM amount should also be at least 4GB, but gaming laptops will perform better with more RAM.

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The video card that you have in gaming laptops is also an important feature that is needed to run games. If you do not have a good enough video card, some games may not even run. With the latest technology in video games today, the graphics can be very realistic. The onboard video card that comes with most standard laptops will not be good enough to play high-quality games. NVidia’s GeForce Go and ATI's Radeon Mobility are two video card choices that will do well with gaming laptops. Ensure that the laptop you purchase can have this type of video card installed with ease. If you are unable to install a video card, yourself, take it to a professional to have it done so that your laptop does not get messed up in the process.

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Choose gaming laptops that have a large-screen size. Many laptops are designed to be compact and do not have a large-screen resolution. When you are gaming, having a large enough screen so that you can see everything that's going on around you is very important. When you are browsing gaming laptops in your price range, check out the ones that have the largest screen size and best resolution options. Two laptop manufacturers who make large-screen sizes on their gaming laptops are Asus and Alienware, the most popular gaming laptop manufacturers throughout the country.


Check out all of the gaming laptops that are available before making a purchase. You will want to view all of the stats that each laptop offers and then compare them to eachother. See which one gives you the most for the price. You should also read online reviews from others who share their positive and negative experiences with these gaming laptops.

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