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Best Laptop With a 15.4 Inch Monitor


The Apple MacBook Pro is the best laptop with a 15.4 inch monitor. Although the iPhone and iPad are the most popular Apple products, the company founded by the late Steve Jobs has a far wider range of products to offer. This includes some outstanding portable computers like the MacBook Pro.


Clearly, the MacBook Pro from Apple is a very interesting and potent solution, but at the same time it is addressing to a rather specific niche of users. One such niche is represented by those who are not afraid to go through a very serious period of adjustment with the operating system, considering that the end result is worth the effort and the applications they use frequently are better implemented in MacOS X, than other operating systems (strange as it seems). Unfortunately, however, high price does not help at all to popularize this laptop 15.4-inch, therefore the MacBook Pro is often regarded as a more for games laptop 15.4-inch especially purchased by those with a very good financial situation, but also by those who want to follow a trend.

Recognize that the MacBook Pro itself is a high performance laptop 15.4, with above average behavior in normal conditions and although it does not provides support for games in terms of software, it has the hardware needed to allow a decent gaming. And last but not least, is very attractive with sobriety and elegance derived from a very simple design, but well thought out. The strengths of this laptop 15.4 (the model of the first half of 2011) are: minimalist design, attractive, very good performance in a wide range of applications, multiple connectivity options, external battery charge indicator, dedicated video card with good performance for a laptop 15.4. The weaknesses of this laptop 15.4 (the model of the first half of 2011) : high price compared to other brands with similar configurations, tendency to overheat when running applications that require serious resources, decent sound system, but unimpressive, does not have USB 3.0, uses a low speed drive, the little memory of the video card.


In conclusion, this laptop 15.4 is one of the best in his range. It is produced by a very competent company and it looks very good. The Apple MacBook Pro laptop 15.4 is a very good solution if you want a powerful tool to help you in your work, to see HD movies or to play your favorite games. It also has some weaknesses the most important one is the lack of an USB 3.0. This missing feature can make you a lot of problems because you will not take advantage of your 3.0 devices. The other weaknesses are not that important, especially the sound system.The video card is not so important if you do not play the latest games the laptop has enough video memory for movies.

By Icarus, published at 02/17/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (10 votes)
Best Laptop With a 15.4 Inch Monitor. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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