What Is Pocket Memory
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What Is Pocket Memory

Published at 03/21/2012 21:16:00


What Is Pocket Memory

Have you ever come across the term “Pocket Memory”? You probably thought it’s a really cool new gadget we should get your hand on but when you go to the market you hardly find anyone that even knows what it is. Let me explain to you what pocket memory is. Pocket Memory were one of the very first companies that started to manufacture and supply USB memory sticks that could simply fit into your pockets. Today they stand as one of the biggest medium of supply to the market of portable storage. Pocket Memory has nearly 15 years of experience in the field and consider themselves as professional experts when it comes to the USB memory sticks supply market. So when ever you think your company, school or institute needs some branded USBs then you should definitely get in touch with these people. They have national and international suppliers and can be available for guidance and assistance where ever needed.


What Is Pocket Memory

The Pocket memory company slogan is also very catchy and obvious. “The memory stick that fits in your pocket”. Of course they only want to get their point proven and it has worked. The company stands as one of the best suppliers of USB memory sticks in the market. The company highly focuses on being a supplier to the education sector. In fact it is where the concept for Pocket memory originated from. The company was founded on the concept and idea that Pocket USB memory sticks would be most ideal computer accessory for students. The company started visiting multiple universities (almost 300) and build strong relationships with people while trying to convince them of the idea of a pocket USB flash memory stick. The company today has nearly 10 years of experience of selling USB flash memory to college shops.


What Is Pocket Memory

The company also has another vision and use for their product. They convince large organizations to see USBs as a promotional tool. They custom brand any type of Pocket USB memory stick (from the wide variety they serve) an organization would want and sell them. They also encourage companies to see this as self promotion as well. They believe using USB memory sticks is an effective and good way for preserving the environment as it involves companies using less paper to share documents, pictures videos and much more.

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The company also has a competitive edge. Due to heavy demand, Pocket memory manufactures a large supply of USB memory sticks. This means that it has the option of selling its product in bulk to retailers. This leads them to be able to sell at very competitive prices. In fact they pride on it as one of their major strengths of being one of the most cheapest suppliers in the market. The bulk stock also allows them to offer quick delivery to all stores, where ever they maybe. Some of the major clients of Pocket memory include Audi, Motorola, Mendas, Imperial College London, Carillion, Toy “R” Us, Chester city council and Dilgenter.


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