Know About The Symptoms Of Alzheimers Diseases
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Know About The Symptoms Of Alzheimers Diseases

Published at 01/10/2012 19:11:44

Understanding Alzheimer’s

 Know About The Symptoms Of Alzheimers Diseases

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia, which is a group of brain disorders causing gradual and progressive loss of intellectual and social skills that interfere with activities of daily living. In Alzheimer’s Disease, the gradual loss of memory and mental function is a result of the degeneration and death of the brain cells.

It generally affects older people but it develops in middle age very occasionally.

The early symptoms of Alzheimer’s

 Know About The Symptoms Of Alzheimers Diseases

One of the first signs of the disease is memory loss associated with the short-term memory. The person affected forgets the things that recently happened. For example, they may forget that they have taken their meal an hour ago. Another sign is that they may increasingly misplace everyday things like his toothbrush or eyeglasses. They may also forget the names of family members and daily objects and make-up a word that sounds similar to the original.

People who are starting to develop Alzheimer’s Disease may find it difficult to learn new things and make new memories. Simple everyday tasks which were once done effortlessly may be difficult to perform. It may take them a long time to do routine things and feel tense when rushed.

One of the behavioral changes that can be noticed in the early stage of Alzheimer’s is the person’s loss of interest in life or in the things enjoyed before.

Other symptoms of Alzheimer’s

 Know About The Symptoms Of Alzheimers Diseases

As the condition worsens, disorientation and misinterpretation of the environment can occur. The individual may lose sense of what day or time it is, the time of the year, where they are or even their present life situations. The brain may also lose its ability to interpret what is seen, thus, making it difficult to understand the surroundings. In the long run, these problems may result to being lost even in a familiar place.

Finding the right words to express thoughts and feelings, take part in conversations and name objects and familiar persons is common in those with Alzheimer’s. In the long run, the ability to read and write also decreases.

Alzheimer’s disease leads to difficulty in concentrating and thinking particularly about abstract concepts like numbers. At first, they may find it challenging to deal with their finances or keep track with their bills. This will later progress to loss of ability to identify and deal with numbers.

 Making judgments and decisions even small ones are also becoming very challenging. They may not respond effectively to everyday problems such as food burning.

They may forget how to perform very basic tasks like dressing, bathing and eating. Planning and performing familiar tasks become a struggle as the disease progresses.

The personality and behavior of the person can be affected by Alzheimer’s. They may experience anxiety, depression, mood swings, withdrawal from the society, distrust in others, wandering, irritability and agitation, and sleeping pattern disturbance.


Hints and Tips

There is no proven cure yet for Alzheimer’s Disease and so the best step to diagnose and treat it in the near future is by being aware of the early signs and symptoms of the disease at an early stage.

Make sure to watch out for memory loss because it is one of the early signs of the disease. You also need to spend time observing and listening to the person whom you suspect to manifest early signs of Alzhiemer’s.


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