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How To Find Out the Ddr Memory


It is important to know the type of DDR RAM memory that is contained inside a computer. DDR RAM stands for double data rate random-access memory. DDR RAM are the memory modules that help to streamline the computer's processes and keep the system operating smoothly when running multiple programs. DDR RAM comes in different varieties, including DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3 modules. Laptops and netbooks take a different form of DDR RAM memory modules that are compact. These memory modules must be taken into consideration when checking system requirements for software and hardware that may be used with the PC or laptop. 

Step 1

Look up the specs for the computer in question. The computer specs can be found on the manufacturer's website, the documentation that came with the PC and under “System” in the control panel. Generally the manufacturer's website or the computer documentation will have more complete information than the specs listed under "System". Under "System", only the amount of DDR RAM memory is listed, not the type. Both the type and the amount of DDR RAM memory needs to be known.

Step 2

Contact the manufacturer. If a search for the type of DDR RAM memory does not come up with an answer, or one is unsure, the manufacturer can be contacted. The manufacturer of the computer should be listed on the computer itself. Do a simple web search to find their website and troubleshooting page. From the support page a phone number should be listed. Call and ask when type, size, and limitations the DDR RAM memory has. 


Step 3

Try a website that detects the DDR RAM memory. There are websites all over the Internet that can run a scan to check hardware and specifications on a computer. Many websites that sell DDR RAM memory have this capability. In addition to learning what type of memory the computer has installed, one can also get prices on the DDR RAM modules.

Step 4

Download a utility program to find out the DDR RAM memory. There are also many types of utility programs that can be downloaded to check the hardware and devices in the PC. Some programs are specific to check DDR RAM to list the type, size, and make sure it is functioning correctly. These programs are referred to as memory tester applications and memory diagnostic tools.

Step 5

As a last resort, the computer can be opened up to see the DDR RAM memory. This last step is really a last resort. Only experienced PC owners should attempt this. Opening of the PC by someone who is not a licensed professional can void the warranty. In a desktop, the screws for the tower can be removed exposing the interior of the PC. Find the memory sticks that attach to the motherboard and remove them. The type of DDR RAM memory should be listed on them.


  • Never attempt to install new DDR RAM memory without knowing the type of memory in the PC. 
  • Always find out the limitations of memory in the PC before buying new RAM.
  • Never attempt to open up a PC when one does not have experience doing so. 

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