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How To Choose a Sd Memory Card

Published at 02/28/2012 00:00:30


A secure sigital or SD memory card is a small memory card used in portable electronics. It comes in three different types, the Standard Capacity (SDSC), High-Capacity (SDHC), and the extended capacity (SDXC). SDSC cards range in memory from 1 MB to 4 GB, whereas SDHC have memory ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB and SDXC with 32 GB to 2 TB. These types of SD memory cards also come in three forms, the original size, the mini, and the micro. With all of these factors coming into play, there are several things to consider when purchasing a memory card.

Step 1

Figure out what the card is going to be used to store. Small files do not take up a whole lot of space, but when pictures and videos are stored on a SD memory card it can take up a lot of memory. Memory cards used for pictures should have at least 1 GB of memory, but anything up to 8 GB will do. When saving videos to an SD card, it is best to have at least 8 GB up to even 2 TB of space.

Step 2

Decide what kind of device the SD memory card will be used in. When using a SD in a computer, the original size is the only one that will fit in the multimedia slot. Many digital cameras also use the original size, while some newer cameras use the mini SD cards. Another device that uses SD cards is a smartphone. Smartphones use the micro SD cards and require an adapter to access the SD card data on a computer.

Step 3

Check to make sure the SD card size is compatible with the device it is being used in. Older devices are typically only able to use the older class of SD memory cards, while newer devices are compatible with both the new class and the old class. Most devices will state what type of SD card they are compatible with. Contact the device manufacturer if unsure to prevent damage of the SD card or the device.

Step 4

Expect that the more memory contained in the card, the more the card will cost. Make sure to factor the price into the decision on what SD card to choose. Some of the better quality and larger SD memory cards will cost in excess of one hundred dollars.

Step 5

Find a store to buy the SD memory card from. Most major retailers sell SD cards in their electronics department, but stores dedicated to selling electronics will have the best selection. Also many stores sell SD cards online. Some of the larger capacity SD cards, like the 1 and 2 TB ones may be hard to find and are quite pricey. It is a good idea to research any potential SD before buying to make sure that it is the best quality for the money. Make use of online retailers that provide reviews and feedback to get an idea of what should be expected from the product before it is purchased. Also make sure the appropriate SD memory card is being purchased for its intended use.


  • Be cautious when purchasing from online retailers. Make sure to only purchase from online stores that are trustworthy.
  • Read reviews on the product to make sure it is worth spending the money on it. Many times unscrupulous companies will sell faulty products to unsuspecting customers.
  • Always double check to make sure the SD memory card being purchased will be compatible with the device it is being used in. If unsure always contact the retailer or the manufacturer of the product.
  • Always be aware of the return policy of the retailer the SD card is being purchased from. If there is a problem the product will need to be returned.

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