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How To Setup An All in One Scanner Printer Fax Copier


A scanner printer fax copier is more commonly known by users as an all in one printer. An all in one printer serves as a device that performs multiple functions. Instead of having a copy machine, fax machine, printer, and scanner, it makes much more sense to have one single device that can do all of this and more. If purchasing anew scanner printer fax copier, setting it up to work with your computer should be simple. If you have an older scanner printer fax copier that you would like to set up, but do not have all the accessories, it may be more of a challenge.

Step 1

If you are setting up a scanner printer fax copier to work with your computer, take everything that came with the all in one printer out of the box. In here, you should see the printer, installation disc, and a few wires that will be used for connection purposes. First, take the USB or similar cord that will plug in to the back of the scanner printer fax copier and then to the computer itself. Next, hook up the power cord to the all in one printer and in to a working power outlet.

Step 2

Turn on your computer and insert the installation disc that came with your scanner printer fax copier in to the computer's CD ROM drive. Wait for the program to automatically load. This installation will guide you through setting up your printer correctly and will download all drivers and software that is necessary for it to run and work correctly. Follow the process by clicking next until the installation is complete.

Step 3

Power on the scanner printer fax copier by clicking the power button on the device if it is not on already. You will now want to test out the features that came with it, such as scanning, faxing, copying, and printing. When printing a document, ensure that your new all in one printer is selected as the default device, otherwise the documents and photos will not print. To scan, simply lift up the scanner lid and place a document face down on the scanner bed. Click to scan and your document can be saved to your computer. Copying can be done by also placing a document face down on the scanner bed and clicking copy. There is so much that you can do with your scanner printer fax copier now that it is set up correctly.

Step 4

If you are installing an older scanner printer fax copier or one that someone has given to you, it may be a bit more difficult to set up. If you have the wires and installation disc, the set up can be done the same way as you would set up a new one. If you do not have the accessories, you will need to purchase them. Visit your local computer or electronics store to purchase a USB plug and power cord to hook up the printer.

Step 5

You will not be able to buy the installation disc for an older scanner printer fax copier, so you will need to go online to the manufacturer's website to find necessary drivers. The website should have a downloads section, where you can select the model of your scanner printer fax copier and download all software and drivers that are required for it to run.


Installation may vary depending on your printer make a model. Refer to your user manual for more information.

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