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How Adobe Products Support Windows


The popular Adobe Company is strongly committed to help its customers by giving them support for operating systems. It has achieved this goal through the smooth customer transition to Windows Vista. Many people wonder if Adobe will support Windows Vista. Adobe is a leading developer for Microsoft Windows and has a long record of supporting latest versions of Windows.


Adobe has a huge portfolio of different products. These products each have different schedules that can support Windows Vista. For example, Adobe had already released free updates to Adobe Photoshop elements. It also had released free updates to Adobe premiere elements so that they could deliver full compatibility and support Windows Vista.


It also released free updates to Adobe acrobat 8 and Adobe reader 8 in 2007 to support Windows. Adobe also planned releases of the latest versions of creative products. These creative products include Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash and many more. Another question that arises in peoples mind is that, although Adobe supports windows, does it technically support Windows Vista? So you may wonder if Adobe has technical support for running Adobe products on Windows Vista. Previously Adobe offered basic support that was sufficient for running Adobe products on Windows Vista. There are also other researches and document related issues as well as possible workarounds in the Adobe set of extensive products that support Windows. Customers can find these at the Adobe website under the support section. Adobe also offers complete support on how customers can use the features of those applications that are supported. This is subject to the normal features of their support policies. Information on troubleshooting issues concerning installations, printing, crashes and other related issues can also be found on the Adobe websites support section. This is where all the information can be found on how Adobe can support Windows.

With so many products available, checking for a specific product could indeed be time consuming. This is becomes so many Adobe products support Windows. However, Adobe has compiled a chart that makes it easier for you to locate particular products. The chart is said to grow as further support and testing information becomes available across their products. In order to view the chart, you can visit the official Adobe website. You may wonder where you can get information about known issues concerning Adobe products and Windows Vista. To get the latest information and updates, you can visit Adobes support area at their website. Search for the issues in the Adobe knowledge base and then enter Vista and the name of the specific product in the search field provided. This in return will give you search results that are specific to your products. Now you may also wonder if there’s an online forum where you can report your problems or request for features. In the case of a suspected bug, you need to report it the Adobe website at Then you need to click on Report a Bug. In order to request for a feature or submit a suggestion for a product, then you also need to visit the same link. Then click on product feature requests.


It is important that although the company supports Windows and strives for excellence for its customers, it does not individually respond to submissions. However, all your submissions are presented to the related Adobe product team.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/26/2012
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