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Top Tips on How To Work With Windows

Microsoft windows – Introduction
Microsoft windows is probably the most loved operating system present today. This is chosen by million users as the preferable operating system. The evolution of windows has made people work lot easier with windows. There are plenty of things that you can do with Microsoft windows operating system. 

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This is a Graphical User Interface that allows multitasking. This means that you can open two or more than two programs at once. This feature windows has made it work better with lots of situations. There are different versions of windows that come with each release. 

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There are versions of windows meant fro home usage and other meant for professional usage. These windows versions make the clear difference between them. The use of windows is easy. You can easily operate this operating system. There are some quick tips that will help you to work with windows easily given below.

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Development of Windows
The Microsoft Corporation was established in 1983. The windows operating system was based on the concept of giving Graphical User Interface over the present MS DOS. This idea led the production of first windows for computers. The first windows was named as Windows 1.0. 

Step 4

The later evolution with windows was done and the first line of windows was developed. The first line of windows included windows 3.1, windows 95, windows 98 and windows Me. these windows versions made the starting windows of the Microsoft Corporations. There were later development in the window procedure and in the year 2002, windows XP was launched. This empowered the windows very much. The release of latest windows, windows 7 has made the operating system dwell tremendously much.

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How to Use Windows
The usage of windows operating system is simple. Every windows versions released yet have some similar functions. So, irrespective of the windows versions, the basic usage of windows is same. To start off with the windows for first time, you simply need to put your mouse on the start button. In case you are working with windows XP, the start button will be located on the left side of the screen at the bottom. 

Once you click on that you will see the menu that has all the functions regarding windows use. To work with windows 7 or vista, you will see the similar start button but oval shaped on the bottom left of screen. So, basically the functions are similar. To get help, you simply need to press F1. It will display everything related windows usage. You can use start menu to access all the programs present on computer. You can look for the disks by opening My Computer, check documents on My Documents, pictures and videos on My Pictures and My Videos, play several mini games, and listen to music by using WM player and all the related things can be done easily.

Tips to Use Windows
A quick tip for using the window for all: To know what a particular button does, you need to move the mouse cursor over the button and stay there for a second. There will be a tool tip having information about the button use.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/21/2012
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